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?? About Pumping

My LO is 6 months and I want to keep BFing. He doesn't have teeth yet, but he keeps "gumming" me and it is pretty painful so I can only imagine! I'm wondering if it is possible to start exclusively pumping?? Has anyone done this or have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Re: ?? About Pumping

  • I EPed for the first 7 weeks and I wouldn't recommend it.  The mamas who do it are saints because it is so hard.  From what I understand, biting is pretty easy to fix most of the time.  

    FWIW, DS gummed me all the time, but has never bitten me.  

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  • Harms80Harms80 member

    I'm getting the same treatment.  I also had the goal of getting to 6 mos thinking that there was no way I'd be able to keep my supply up with pumping 3x a day at work.  But, she's still getting enough from me so IDK- EP is on my brain, too....  I'll watch this post...

    BTW, your son's shirt so SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!

  • You could but really I don't know why you'd want to. Pumping is a major PITA in my opinion.

    I still BF and LO has teeth. He has bitten me a couple times and it hurts but I yell "Ouch" really loud and, if necessary, end the BF session.

  • I EP and it is a PITA, but I have been doing basically from the beginning.  I have been lucky that I have only have to pump once a day at work and then at home, but it is not as much fun as bonding with your DC.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  • image fairychick77:

    You could but really I don't know why you'd want to. Pumping is a major PITA in my opinion.

    I still BF and LO has teeth. He has bitten me a couple times and it hurts but I yell "Ouch" really loud and, if necessary, end the BF session.

    This exactly. He's gone through a few little biting stages but he knows not to now.

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  • DD did that occasionally too around that age.  She hasn't done it much lately and when she does I say "Ouch" and she stops.  I work FT, so I pump 2x at work and then nurse her when we're home, but will pump if she doesn't nurse on both sides.

  • I don't have any advice about the gumming - but I exclusively pump, and have since Xander was born. Here are the things to remember:

    - It takes time out of your day to do it - you need to be able to do it when your LO is occupied (sleeping or somewhere you can keep him contained so you're not having to stop and chase after him, etc).

    - You want to invest in a good pump. I have rented a hospital grade one since day one, and it is fantastic! However, you might want to buy one. I think anyone who EP's would recommend an electric one over a hand pump (although they're good for on the go).

    - You will need to get storage bags/bottles and read up on that - I think has good info. Make sure you read about how long it can be stored at room temp before storage/after heating/in a fridge top freezer/deep freeze etc.

    - You will probably want to heat up cold bm, so you will need a bottle warmer.

    You can definitely do it, just be ready for the work involved!!

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  • Thanks guys. Yes, EPing does seem like a PITA, I really admire the ladies around here that do it! I think I will be trying to nip the biting thing first before making any crazy commitments!
  • I pump twice a day at work and it is a royal PITA...also my supply is WAY lower when I pump so it would be diffuclt for me to keep up with the demand.
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  • I'm sure EPing is something that works well for some people.  I am not one of them.  I can deal with the 3 times a day I pump at work.  I would have to do that whether I was EPing or not.  I have grown to despise the pumping I do at home.  I am up at 5 am so that I can pump before the baby wakes for the day (even on the weekends).  I am up at 10 at night pumping before I go to sleep.  The 5 times per day that I pump is at least a 2.5 hour time commitment between the actual pumping, washing pump parts, washing bottles, packing the pump bag, etc. and that's in addition to the time it takes to actually feed the baby.  It's time that I spend away from my baby instead of with him like I would BFing.  There are some things that I can do while pumping (stuff diapers, surf the internet, read a book), but I can't do some of the things I really want to do -- play with the baby, exercise, cook

    And, my main issue with pumping right now is a recurring cracked nipple, so you might leave one painful problem and trade it for another.  Plus, I constantly struggle with supply and the desparate moves I pull to try to keep the supply up are really hard on my body (like power pumping).


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  • I totally admire anyone who can EP!  I had to recently stop BFing because my LO was biting and he has teeth! ouch! Pumping was always a challenge for me as I would only pump maybe 2oz if I was lucky.  I admire you for wanting to keep going! 
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