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Is there such a thing as "Pregnancy brain"

I read about this in my book, and not sure if I have it, but ever since I "found out" I  have been in a fog. Forgetting things.. just kinda out of it.

I don't like it and ready to snap out of it.  

Anyone else?


Re: Is there such a thing as "Pregnancy brain"

  • I'm pretty sure it's real, but not sure what causes it.  Maybe it's just simply that we are distracted by being pregnant.  With my son, I did wacky things from time to time.  ONce I put face cream on my feet.  I was once combing my hair when a tooth from the comb fell off and I thought it was a cockroach adn freaked out.  They say it never goes away after the baby, but it did for me.  I'm back to my old genious self.  J/k.
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  • "Genious self" eh? ;)

     My MW says pregnancy brain is common, and that I'm allowed to blame it on the placenta, but not the baby. ;)

  • I've had "pregnancy brain" for over a year now, since I found out I was pregnant with DS in April 2009. Sadly, after birth it doesn't go away and gets worse. Smile
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  • Yep... it's real! I have been a complete space cadet lately. I didn't pay our bills until yesterday, because I forgot what day it was, and didn't realize that we had gotten paid last Friday. Duh.

    The other we went grocery shopping, when I was putting the groceries away I put deli meat in the freezer...

    The list goes on and on... 

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  • Yes, definitely!  I am taking grad classes, and when I was pregnant with L I did the completely wrong problem for a homework assignment.  I didn't even realize it until the prof. emailed me and told me I'd done the wrong problem...total pregnancy brain.  I am already starting to feel the effects with this one, so it's not a myth!
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  • I totally believe in it! I've turned into such a ditz.
  • Yes I believe in it. I had it with my first dc and I have already noticed it with my second even though im only 4 weeks. On a plus side it does ago awhile after you've delivered.
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  • Most definitely!

    I have done some pretty wacky things in the past month or so.  After I do something that I know is out of the norm I think to myself (or out loud) "what the heck am I doing?"

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  • I don't know if I believe it or not, but I certainly have less motivation for my studies. I've also done some pretty questionable things like forgetting my wallet in DH's car and having to drive to his work to get it - when I got to the parking lot I circled it three times (it is a small parking lot) before concluding he must not be at work because I couldn't find his car! I drove home and called his office all pissed off because I thought he was playing hooky! He wasn't. I drove back and sure enough his car had been there the whole time, I just somehow missed it. Still don't know how I did that! Boy did I feel like an idiot! DH just laughed at me.
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  • I believe so, and more clumsy!!

    I think I lost some brain cells with my first one, and I swear some of them never came back, hahaha....

    Scared to see what happens after the 2nd, lol

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    It's a GIRL!
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  • Yes -- I refer to it as "placenta brain".  It is extremely common! :-)  While having children may always have us distracted -- it's still not quite as severe as while we're pregnant.  Big Smile
  • yes but it usually happens latter on in your pregnancy. I would get very forgetful.
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  • image OliveBaby:

    "Genious self" eh? ;)

     My MW says pregnancy brain is common, and that I'm allowed to blame it on the placenta, but not the baby. ;)

    I hope you noted the intentional sarcasm and mispelling. 

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  • I can't believe I forgot about this... last week one of my clients emailed me with questions about her invoice - so I emailed her last year's invoice details... but their billing method is completely different than last years. Different insurance company and all!

    When I realized what I had done I called to apologize and send her the correct info... she jokingly said, "I was going to ask if you were expecting!" and I couldn't hold it in, I just said, "Well, um... yeah." Too funny. She said I got a pass on that one :)  

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  • I heard it was a myth, but I sure hope it is true. Ever since about 5 weeks, I have been noticing that I miss some stuff at work, things that I never do, like not realize that someone sent me an email, not attach an email etc. I also forget things at the store, at home, pretty much everywhere. Hopefully it gets better at some point.
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  • "Pregnancy Brain" is no myth my dear :). DH and I are almost 12 weeks into our first pregnancy and he really has to keep his humor around me now. I cannot for the life of me remember what I ate or what we even discussed just 5 minutes prior to now. But I can still remember the big things like OB appointments. Everything else is pretty much a blur. I have been known to ask DH 3 times in a row what we are having for dinner after having discussed it for half the day. Crazy stuff! I am getting used to it though. I read in a book I borrowed that the reason we go through this is because it is supposed to help keep us calm, less stressed and more focused on taking care of ourselves and doing our "nesting" thing for when baby is expected. So it is a good thing, whether it feels like it or not :).
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