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Good names ruined by nns

This is totally a random post.  

I'm just lamenting the fact that perfectly good names like Charles and Richard and William have to be destroyed by awful nicknames like Chuck and *** and Bill.  

Are there names you would consider using if the usual nn that people resort to wasn't awful?  

Re: Good names ruined by nns

  • HA!  Poor Richard's nickname - *ick - was *** by The Bump!  Hilarious!  
  • I actually dislike names that have built in nns at all. I get that from my parents, My dad is Michael and thats what people call him, he doesn't look or seem like a "Mike"


    p.s. I love the name Marek on your baby name list! So cool!

  • I do really like Charlie, but dislike Charles (a little opposite, like the nn, but not the real one.).

    Like you said though, I hate the nn ***, Bill, Chuck, etc.

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  • I drove my husband insane because I hate most of the nicknames for boys. I love a lot of the classic names -- Daniel, Edward, Thomas, etc. But I severely dislike most of the nicknames. I liked Ned for Edward, and that was about it. So we ruled a lot of names out.


    Good thing we're having a girl. 


  • I loved Gabriella, but decided against it because i HATE Gabby~!! I think it is a horrible NN.



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  • image magsugar13:

    I loved Gabriella, but decided against it because i HATE Gabby~!! I think it is a horrible NN.


    Me too! I love love love Gabrielle or Gabriella, but I knew that she'd end up being called Gabby (as much as I'd dissuade people), which I hate. 

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  • Personally I like the nickname Chuck for Charles ......

    Richard "***" is my grandfather

    I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as the last name isn't Puller or Long or something.

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  • I love Alison but really dislike Ali. I dislike most nicknames for some reason. There are a few exceptions.

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    image magsugar13:

    I loved Gabriella, but decided against it because i HATE Gabby~!! I think it is a horrible NN.


    My friend has a daughter Gabrielle that goes by Bri (Bree). I think it's adorable. 

  • Allie30Allie30 member
    Richard. Great name, horrific nickname. Ditto Frederick.
  • Victoria immediately came off our list because I dislike Vicky, Tory and pretty much any nickname you can imagine for it.  Before we knew what we were having, we had to reject Henry and William for the same reasons. 
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    My name is Melissa and my mom NEVER let anyone call me Missy.  I have always been know as/called Melissa.  Just don't let people use a nickname for your kids if you don't like it, but really like the name.  
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  • I'm only bothered when it's a nn I don't like- which those you listed I don't lol. I LOVE Alastair- but I knew one who was called Al - and since I shorten names naturally, I know I'd do it too.... and I hate Al. :(
  • Sooo many! Victoria, but not Vicky/Vicki. Charlotte, but not Char/Shar. Catherine/Katherine, but not Cathy/Kathy. Kate would be cute. Chadwick is the only one I can think of right now where Chad is actually better.  :)
  • Honestly, it's not really an issue.  You can pretty much nip in the bud any nickname you don't like and it's over with...

    I am vehemently against Chuck, mostly because I knew a few growing up who were azzholes.  So when my own mother asked, "Are you going to call him Chuck?" My reaction was "Helll no."   She got it.

    There've been a few other people who tried to refer to him as Chuck.  I shot that down in 2 seconds and it's never come back again.

    Charlie is just fine, tho.  I call him that all the time.  When he's older, he can decide what he'd like to be called.  But it better not be Chuck!

    Growing up way too fast!

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  • My husband's name is Richard, he goes by Richard, although at work he goes by Rich.

    I love the name Michael, but I don't like "Mike" for some reason.

  • I am a Michelle who never had a nickname, and I always wanted one. Shelly is awful. I will definitely think of nicknames when we have another kid.

    DH is Nate but his mom, to this day, hates that she ever let anyone call him that, because she named him Nathaniel. 

  • I'm not a nickname person, but I love long names and almost all of them have nicknames I hate! 

    Samantha- Sam/Sammy

    Katherine- Katie

    Elizabeth- I hate them all except for Beth

    Victoria- Vicky, Tori

    Rebecca- Becky, Becca

    Joseph- Joe, Joey

    Samuel- Sam

    Patrick- Pat

    James- Jim, Jimmy 

    William- Liam, Bill 

  • My DH is Daniel and has always been Daniel, not Dan or Danny. My DS is Maxwell and we call him Maxwell, not Max. When people call him Max I correct them and he corrects people now too. For this LO, if it is a boy we are thinking of naming him Henry. I can't imagine that anyone would try to call him Hank. It is very old school and I just never hear that NN anymore. 

    As a parent, you can decide what people call your child. If my son wants to go by Max someday, that's fine and because it is the first part of his name it will most likely happen.  I just don't see Henry someday deciding to go by Hank on his own, KWIM?

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  • If this baby is a boy he will be Alexander Carl E.  We will be okay with the nicknames Xander (our preference and what we will call him), Lex, and Ace (his initials), but NO ONE will call him Alex, I just won't have it.
  • image mj.reilly:

    Personally I like the nickname Chuck for Charles ......

    Richard "***" is my grandfather

    I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as the last name isn't Puller or Long or something.

    I seriously LOL'ed thanks for the laugh!! :)

  • My name is Kelly and I never had a nick name for it. My mother's name is Kathleen and she goes by Kathy. The one I can't understand is my fiance... his name is David, people insist on calling him Dave. That's just laziness, and I HATE the name Dave. If we have a boy we will have to steer away from horrible first names like Richard or Harry, the last name is Bush. Indifferent
  • I think its funny that parents think they can really control what a kid is going to be called. I remember all the different ways I wanted to spell my name growing up and how I wanted to be referred to etc. My parents didn't have a say. It's silly to put so much effort and stress into finding the "perfect" name. For all you know your kid is going to change and insist on being called something completely different.
  • Dh loves the name William and to add to that, he wanted to name our first son William Robert. I had to disagree on that one because I knew that he would be called "Blly Bob." ....NO WAY! We have compromised on a boy name and if we go with William, we will call him Will, not Bill. But I guess the kid will go with whatever name he or she chooses when they get old enough to have a say.
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