3rd Trimester

35 weeks and 3 days....doctor appt........

Today i had my last 2 week doctor visit! Wow now im going every week! Where has the last 35 weeks gone? I had my 1st internal and my GBS swab. The swab was nothing at all. But i forgot to ask what its for? I know i was negative with my 1st child but i dont remember what it is.  Im not dialted yet and still high. Baby is still head down with her butt up in my ribs. Doctor done a quick sono to confirm and said there is some fluid still sitting under her head and she is still high that there always that chance she could still flip. Im hoping that she just goes ahead and drops soon and gets herself planted in and ready for delievery. I had 2 contractions while i was there so it was nice that the doctor could confirm that was indeed it. I having been having some and assumed thats what it was but wasnt 100%. I picked out LO eviction date if she doesnt come on her own. I will be induced June 22 but maybe LO will have a better date in mind. I have no expectations of this labor bc with my 1st i was in labor for 36 hours. I didnt dialate until the 2nd day after getting an epi. Once i got the epi things started happening. Im hoping that this time around i will make some progress on my own. I cant believe in just 32-34 days we will meet our 2nd princess!


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