I am planning on using the Migi Alphabet bedding for our boy/girl twins. Here is the link:

We are ordering white furniture. ?I love the way the walls are painted in the picture on the website, but we want to paint the room one solid color. ?I suggested ?a tan, but my hubby thinks that might be too boring. ?Any suggestions or pics? ?

Thanks so much!

Re: Nursery

  • Very cute bedding! I heard that neutral colors like tan are calming for babies, so it's always a good choice. There are a lot of great colors in the bedding though. I'm a huge fan of orange. What about a really like sunny orange (would almost be like a tan, but sunnier)??
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  • Love your bedding choice....I have been having the hardest time picking bedding for b/g glad you posted!  so many good colors you could pull out of the orange too!  but don't take decorating advice from me...I'd go with tan:)
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