2nd Trimester

Maternity clothes recommendations

Hey Ladies,

 Where have you found good quality/good prices for mat clothes? The belly band is no longer sufficient Sad and I need some new pants!





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Re: Maternity clothes recommendations

  • Old navy... but watch out for the extra wide elastic bands (as opposed to full or demi panels) because they get warped in the wash and you have to iron them flat. But, they are pretty comfy.
  • My capris from Old Navy have the "full panel" but I just folded it down yesterday and it was fine. I second their clothes, though. I ordered almost $150 in pants/shorts from there over the weekend and found a couple really cute shirts.
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  • motherhood maternity has a nice selection and quality. Not a good return policy though...only 10 days if I remember right.

    I ordered some nice stuff online from ann taylor loft and I bought some nice shirts at gap...they have good sales there.

  • I just went Mat clothes shopping this weekend and was sooo dissapointed!  Like the post above me, I though Old Navy would be the best place but they only had a tiny section and it was full of "moo moos".  I don't like the maxi dress and tube top dresses yet because I feel like I am in the "fat" stage and not the cute bump phase.  So I ended up just getting 1 paid of full panel jeans and then went to the normal department and found some cute tops.  I also went to Kohl's and they had an okay section but mostly shorts and capri's and right now in Colorado it's still unseasonably chilly and this pregnancy makes me really cold all the time so I just got a tank and then a few shirts from the normal department. Sooooo - I guess I'll try Penney's like the other post said :(  Oh well, it's really just a few pair of pants I need anyway
  • I really like Mimi Maternity/Destination Maternity/Pea in the Pod in terms of fit and style. Old Navy looked like it had some cute stuff too, although I didn't end up trying anything on, and while I like Gap on my non-PG self, I found the dresses way too long and the pants didn't fit quite right. The only thing is that Mimi Maternity/Destination/Pea in Pod can be a little pricey (particularly the Pea in Pod section), but there was a huge sales area at the one I went to. Also eBay if you don't mind lightly used clothes. I've found a number of t-shirts and sweaters on there that were worn like once or twice before the person's belly outgrew them, look brand new, and are usually very cheap. I bought a Gap sweater that was $65 new for about $10, and I also bought some silk Pea in Pod tops that were over $100 retail for about $15-20. Some of the stuff still had tags on it. It's worth a look! I'm just not into spending that much on maternity clothes or baby clothes for that matter. I'd much rather wait and buy myself a new pair of Adriano Goldschmeids or fabulous heels when I get back to my pre-baby shape : )
  • I've had the best luck at Kohls.  Actually, the majority of my maternity clothes came from there.  Old Navy stuff was really cheaply made for the same price as Kohls stuff.  And Motherhood was good, but pricey. 

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  • Gordman's had a large selection of Mat clothes.
  • Yea I would have to say for the quality and best fitting for me has been Kohl's and Motherhood. I had some dtuff from JCPenney but dont feel like its holding up quite like my other stuff I would rather buy a pair of jean for $40.00 and have them last my whole preganancy and even my next rather than pay $20.00 3 times b/c it kepps looking crappy and falling apart. just spend the $ upfront then no worries later!
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  • Garage sales. Lol.

     But no kidding, I found a new with tags pair of work pants from Motherhood at a garage sale on Sat, along with a mat dress and top. Total for all 3= $2 :D


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    I have these pants from Gap.  I love the fit and the hidden adjustable elastic.  They will "grow" with me for sure.  The buckle is annoying, but it's not that big of a deal.  And they are on sale right now.   The fit is pretty true to size as well.  I ordered a 4.

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