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sunny side up babies...............

anyone out there know if there baby is sunny side up right now? At my last appt baby was head down and facing my back. Well last thursday she was going crazy and her movements were unconfortable. Since then im not feeling the same kind of movements. I still believe she is head down but now sunny side up. I dont feel her butt/body like i did before. Is it possible that she turned around and has her back against mine. What kind of movements do you feel?

Im not worried about this as i know sunny side up babies can be delieved vagianlly. Is there excerises you can do to turn them? I know they can turn  by there self during delievery. 34 more days and i cant wait to meet her! Neither can her big sister and daddy!

Re: sunny side up babies...............

  • In our preggy exercise class they make us crawl on all fours, apparently this makes the baby turn the right way.. the instructor joked by saying we must all start washing floors regularly :o) GL
  • my son was posterior too. i didn't know until 30+hrs into labor.

    here are things you can do to encourage optimal presentation:

    -- improve your posture. sit on a birth ball ALL THE TIME. at work, at dinner, watching tv. it forces the body to sit in a position that encourages optimal presentation for the baby.

    -- walk. walking helps with so many things during pregnancy, but it also helps get baby in the right position.

    -- pelvic rocks. either on all fours or standing while leaning forward (make sure you have adequate support), rock your pelvis back and forth. start with 20x and work up to 100x per day.

    -- sideways climbing. climb the stairs sideways, several times a day.

    -- scrub the floors. on your knees with a rag, the old fashioned way. you don't actually have to wash the floor, but immitate the motion. do big, sweeping arches back and forth for up to 20 minutes at a time. do this daily.

    -- accupuncture & chiropractic. have been known to encourage optimal presentation.

    you are right, babies can be born vaginally when they are posterior. it is sometimes a little more difficult and there is a greater chance that they will not be able to turn their heads/curve their necks appropriately to squeeze under the pelvic bone. note: once your waters are broken, there is very little chance that the baby will turn. do not allow your waters to be broken unless there is other medical indication that it is necessary.

    Good luck!

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  • Mine is still facing sunny side up too. Midwife told me to spend lots of time on hands and knees and not to lay on my back. It has to do with gravity, and if you're facing down the baby will be uncomfortable and will flip over.

    I'm still having a bit of a hard time staying off my back when I'm laying in bed reading (i'm propped up wtih pillows but still - not supposed to be doing that!). I've been hanging out on all fours on my exercise ball in front of the tv for about an hour every night. Hoping by my appt on Thursday he'll have flipped - we'll see!

    Oh, as far as what movements I feel, since his toes are facing the front of my belly I feel a lot of kicks kinda high up on my left side. I don't have anything to compare it to though so not sure if that's really all that different than feeling his heels kicking in the same place!

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  • A couple of weeks ago, my dr. said baby was sunny-side-up, but he didn't seem concerned.  He said there was still plenty of time for her to turn.  He also said that standing in a pool at least 4-5 feet deep might help.  But I've also heard that you should not sit leaning back - try to lean forward as much as you can because it encourages the heavier part of the baby (the back) to fall forward so she'll be facing your back.  As far as movements, I feel tons of movement, and really, really low movement - like right above/around my pubic bone - as if she has her hands by her face.  If she was facing your back, you probably wouldn't feel this movement down low in front because she couldn't get her hands down there. 
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  • Cat and cow breaths on all fours (the yoga move), and squatting help. Spend as much time leaning forward, not lounging couch potato style. But if LO stays sunny side up you can still have a totally natural vaginal birth. Just means a little extra back pain as his spine and yours press against each other.
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