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continuing work after baby

I have been with the same company for 8 years and I have been ready to get out for a while. Now that I am pregnant I want to stay at home when baby is born but I really need my benefits. As of now I work about 55 to 65 hours a week and can barely take care of myself much less a baby.  my employer seems to not care about me working 12+ hour days when all of the non pregnant people work 9 hour days. I'm not sure what I can do about this it is exhausting me.

Re: continuing work after baby

  • Why are you working that workload if others in your company aren't? Is it your position? The projects you have?

    If you really don't want to work anymore, you should re-evaluate your budget and see if it's realistic. MM board can help you with this if you like.

    Just my experience, but I work for a pretty high pressure company and the norm is a 60 hour week, working mom or not. 

  • hey. That really stinks. Are you hourly? I know when I was salary they didn't care HOW much I worked. I was expected to pull in more hours than i was required.  If you are hourly and overtime is not expected why don't you just tell your boss the situation and that you need to cut back?

    You could always tell them you are planning on returning to work after the baby is born and then don't. I know it isn't the most ethical thing, but people change their minds all the time. And it doesn't seem like they really care about you and your needs.

    P.S. I love Asheville, I went to UNCA. I am so jealous of you.

    Yeah...my pics were so old. I got 3 kids. Nuff said. :)
  • first i would like to say that i love seeing nc people on here!  that is where i lived by whole life until a year and a half ago, and i miss it like crazy!!! i went to UNCC for one semester and and Asheville for my honeymoon :)  but anyway, on to the question.  As far as staying at home, if you add up the numbers and it doesn't look completely possible to stay home, don't let that scare you b/c we have found out that you CAN make it work.  You can do with a lot less than you think and as soon as you see your baby, your wants and needs don't seem to matter as much.  Also, if it truly is a problem, maybe you could do something like sell Pampered Chef, freelance for a local magazine, sell Avon, or some other home based thing that is only part time.  Also, you could keep another baby part or full time to help with finances.  I love being a SAHM and think that if that is where your heart is, then most likely (I don't know your situation), you can make it work.  I hope you can!  Just do what you know is best for your family, not what everyone else tells you!

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  • Does your DH have any insurance that you could switch to? I know in some cases its just not possible to let go of income/benefits, but it may not be impossible if you plan ahead, start putting your checks directly into savings, see how it works, and if you guys are managing ok maybe you could SAH and use said $ for private insurance?Just a thought. I hope everything works out, I currently SAH with my kids and never thought I'd enjoy it this much, it can be a great if you can afford it and its truly what you want to do.
  • To try and answer everyone's questions I an salary paid but am seriously thinking of moving down so that I can work fewer hours but I still think that it will be hard for me to get them to understand. My DH is offered insurance but I am afraid to have a laps in coverage. The good thing is that he works for the same company and I would not have to figure out what all the new insurance covers and I am pleased that the insurance is very good and covers a lot. I really want to stay at home with my child more than anything else just scared that it may make things hard on my DH. He is hoping to let me stay at home and to send me back to school to complete the last class in my degree and maybe go back to work when our child is a little older. I also love Asheville and have lived here my whole life. Thank you to everyone for their help and support.

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