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Question about Riverside Methodist Hospital

Hi I'm new to posting in these forums just realized there was a columbus board (go figure.) anyhow I was curious if any of you ladies have previously given birth at Riverside Methodist Hospital, I'm still fairly new to the area and I've had to deal with them once so far when my husband had to go to the E.R.

They of course were very friendly, some of them had a sense of humor, and it seemed they did things in a timely enough manner except for the fact they moved him to like 4 different rooms and he could barely walk and was under heavy narcotics so that didn't make things easy plus he had a nice incision on his backside and they had one male nurse to help get my husband (who was quite larger than this guy.) from one bed to another, plus they had me but I'm 5 months pregnant, so I was disappointed with their "high quality care" when it came to transferring patients from one bed to another, what would've happened if he fell? 

Anyhow I'm just curious since I haven't had my maternity ward tour yet what anyone elses experiences are so I can be prepared for what to expect or not to expect. I don't want to get my hopes up and find out it's miserable like the last time I delivered in GA. 

Re: Question about Riverside Methodist Hospital

  • I haven't taken my tour yet but went to visit my friend who was on the high risk floor and was impressed.
  • Really well it must've been nice :) I'm planning on taking my tour sometime soon.

    Just very nervous and this is my second time around just in a brand new area with no friends or family except husband and daughter. 

  • I delivered there in April, and had a pretty good experience. The L&D nurses were great!
  • I LOVE Riverside! We delivered there with our daughter. I also had surgery on the high risk pregnancy floor while pregnant.  We had our D&C there when we miscarried last year.  They are awesome. I think ER can be a bit rushed - but the L&D floor was amazing. We'll be there again this time.
  • I just delivered there a month ago and had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend the Labor Care Class they offer. Beth Howes teaches it and does a great job. She also is an L&D nurse at Riverside, and we were lucky enough to have her taking care of us the day we delivered. Beth, Jean and all of the L&D staff are wonderful, very dedicated and caring. This was my first baby, so I was a little nervous, but they put me at ease and made sure we were comfortable. I highly recommend Riverside to anyone preparing to have a baby. Good luck!
  • The first nurse was near the end of her shift and was rude to not only me but my family. 

    The second nurse was an angel. Honestly the only redeeming quality to the whole hospital experience. She was wonderful with everything I needed and any questions DH or my family had. Her name is Lauren. 

    DS ended up in NICU and they took care of him well but were rude to me about choices that my husband and I had made. I was asked several times when my mother was coming to pick me up, even though most of them had seen my husband (I was 22, had been married for two years to a man 9 years my senior, when he was with me they didn't ask questions but when I was by myself they seemed to think they could be rude and not have a problem with it.) They assumed I wasn't married and that I was much younger than I am. (One nurse said to another that I couldn't have been more than 17.)  All I did was sit there and look at him half the time, quietly by myself. I was alone for quite a bit of time because my family could only be in town for a little bit of time and my husband had just started a new job the week before and needed to be there. I was harassed about our decision to have our son circumcised, asked over and over if I knew that I was doing to my son. (two hours they went on about how it wasn't needed blah blah blah... even though my husband is Jewish and I am not so the mohel wouldnt do it because I'm not.) -.- I was told I could not pick up my son because they had just gotten him to sleep, over and over again. They asked if I wanted to be there for his first "bath" and I said yes. They told me what time to show up the next day and I did, early, only to find out they had done it an hour after I left the night before. I was told by one nurse that I could breast feed him but they couldn't know how much he was taking in and when they were doing bottles this would only make him eat less and spend more time in the NICU. Three weeks of hell.


  • I had a c-section at Riverside 3.5 yrs ago, it was a very good experience overall.  Since I was in for several days I had a number of nurses, some friendlier than others but none of them rude or bad - just different personalities I figured.  I liked the fact that once I expressed my wish to only formula feed no one harassed me about BF'ing.  We will be having our second there next weekend.
  • I have been to the ER at Riverside many times. My experience has been they are very unorganized. They moved peole around alot when I was there also. Not very good. They send a lot people back out to the waiting room when the rooms get full.

     However, the Labor and Delivery floor daytime nurses are wonderful. The nighttime nurses were all younger, loud, and unproffesional. They played a dice came all night and kept me awake. When I said something they mocked me and started whispering every time they came into the room or talked to each other. They would then shut my door and laugh and carry on.

     Every person has different experiences. I will be delievering at Riverside and I had a friend who delievered there. Her experience was good.

     If you feel like you are not getting good care you need to speak up. If you are concerned you probably have reason to be and should speak up. The squeaky wheel usually gets the attention. Not saying its fair but that is how it usually works. You should have asked for help moving your husband or a wheelchair.

    I wouldnt recomend the ER but the Maternity floors (high risk and delivery) are both nice.

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