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Measuring Ahead...?

At my appt. earlier in the week the doc said I was measuring about 2 weeks ahead.  She said she thought it must be a good sized baby and that if I'm still measuring big when I go for the next one or two appts. that they might do an ultrasound to get an idea of the size of the baby.

Is this the case with anyone else?  Are the measurements something to be taken seriously (or considered to be accurate), as in "This baby could come a week or two early", or no not really?  Just wondering what you ladies thought.

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Re: Measuring Ahead...?

  • I was told that I'm measuring three weeks ahead and my doc has yet to move my due date.  I'm only a little over 29 weeks though, so I guess that could change as it gets closer.  Good luck!
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  • i have been measuring 2 weeks a head for the past two weeks. They did a growth ultrasound and found out that his body measures on time but he has a little belly on him! In my case they arent changing a thing. They are just saying that they are inducing me at 40 weeks and wont let me go over to lower the risk of him getting stuck and having to do a c-section.
  • I don't think it means you will go early, just that either that you are having a bigger baby or it might just be how you carry.  I always measure small, but my babies tend to come on time and be average sized, so it doesn't mean much.
  • My experience with DD#2 was that she measured ahead by a couple of weeks the entire time and was born on her due date.  She weighted 9 lbs. 10 oz though so the doc was right - big baby.  I'm scared about this one too...just a month ago he started measuring ahead and now is 2 weeks ahead.  The idea of an even BIGGER baby is a little scary too me but honestly it didn't make labor any more difficult.
  • LO has been measuring at least two weeks ahead since 20 weeks,however we had an ultrasound at 8 weeks so they never changed the due date and I'm glad they didn't because I would be at 41 weeks right now and he isn't ready to come out. But I will more than likely have close to a 9 pound baby.

  • I measured 5 weeks ahead at one appt (MW said it was a growth spurt - I think he was sticking his little butt out), and otherwise have been consistently measuring 1-2 weeks ahead. It's either a bigger baby or the way you carry. My midwife said anything within 2 weeks is considered the normal range - pregnancy doesn't look or act the same on everyone :)

    I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • I've measured ahead by about 3-4 weeks my entire pregnancy and as you can see from my ticker...it hasn't meant much. 
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  • I am measuring about 3-4 weeks ahead and my OB sent me for a growth ultrasound last week.  The LO was only in the 44th percential for size.  It is just just that I have a very short torso.  I am sure you are fine.

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  • My sister and I have different OB doctors, and when we were pregnant 4 months apart in 2007 we were both told baby was measuring 2-3 weeks bigger. For both of us it was just a whole lot of water. My son was 7 pounds 11 ounces and Izzy was 7 pounds 12 ounces. my youngest was measuring 2 weeks big, and she ended up being born on day 1 of week 38 ( i had a bad fall) and she was only 6 pounds 14 ounces ( so far the smallest of my kiddos) This time around I am now at 32 weeks and Calista is measuring 2 weeks big. I would not put much stock in it, your ultrasound should put some of your questions to rest. Good luck!
  • I measured 2 weeks ahead with my son and he was born at 40w5d and he was only 8p13o..with an estimate of around 9 pounds... this time I was told I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead at week 30 but no mention of it since... Dr's guesses on size can be off quiet a bit.. My son just had a REALLY big belly. He looked like a little frog and to this day I call him Buddha  Wink
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