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39+ weeks Vent!

I'm getting so frustrated with everyone else's schedule as to when baby should come. MIL went out of town this weekend for SIL's track meet and graduation. Which is fine with me and totally her choice/not my fault if she misses baby being born. She's known my due date for 9 months yet keeps telling me what days would be best for her for the baby to be born. My mom keeps telling me I can't have the baby yet because she doesn't have her sub plans done. Again she's known the due date for quite some time now. DH's uncle decides to post on FB that "Unfortunately first babies are always late. Blah blah blah" (deleted that comment)

Do they have no idea that I don't really have a choice? and that if I did this baby would be born ASAP! I'm uncomfortable and ready to hold my little girl! I'm sitting here in the middle of the night thinking it would be funny to send out a text message just to mess with people!

Anyone else have people scheduling their child's birth for them?


Re: 39+ weeks Vent!

  • No, but I have a lot of people asking me "Is it going to happen this weekend??" Like I know! Or, "Do you think you'll go past your due date??" Yeah, I still have no clue. I like the idea that I would have some sort of special knowledge, but it's still irritating!
  • OMG I really think we have the same IL's!  I have stopped talking to them, reading their FB messages, etc.  I really don't give a sh!t what is more convenient for you or that you started a training or that you already have a day off.  This baby can come whenever he wants.  Figure out how to be there or not.  So frustrating!

    And, I really hope you have the baby this weekend (as long as your are ready) because MIL and SIL are away.  If I were you that would give me so much pleasure!

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  • I'm sue they're just joking...
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  • Yes!  So annoying...people keep telling me when it would be convenient for them (like my mom and even my husband).  Statistically your husband's uncle is right...the odds are that first babies will be late, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  Good luck!  I am so ready to get this show on the road too!
  • My mom has been telling me for months the days that work best for her schedule. We have many May birthdays in our family so everyone wants the baby to come on their birthday, I just keep telling them he will create his own birthday.
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    My sister has been doing this to me, and she's totally not joking.  She wants me to give her a date so she can get time off of work...  The first time, I kind of laughed it off, the second time, I was a little snarky with her!  I don't know why people think that this is something you can schedule!
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