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For those who have declined internals...

...how well did that go over with your doctor(s)?  I just went with the flow during my first pregnancy and had internals done every week starting at week 35 or 36.  

This time, however, I'd like to decline internals because they are painful (for me, at least) and they honestly don't tell you anything in regard to when you will go into labor.

The problem is, I hate going against the grain and confronting my doctor(s) about a routine procedure (I know, I know - I'm working on this!), and I'm not sure exactly what to say to my doctor at next week's appt when they want to start doing them.

So...what did you say?  And how did they react?


Re: For those who have declined internals...

  • I have gotten internals at 2 appts & declined it at one.  My Drs are not pushy about them at all so it was literally no big deal.  Definitely not a confrontation.  After the nurse took my BP, etc, she said to undress front he waist down once she stepped out & I just said I was passing on the internal exam this week.  That was the end of it.  The Dr never said anything to me.
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  • Mine asked if I wanted to be checked.  The first time I said yes and there was absolutely nothing going on down there :(  The second time I said no because I didn't need the false hope or more disappointment.  She agreed that they don't really mean anything and didn't seem put-off by me declining.
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  • I had a midwife.  I just told her that I didn't really want internals until I was much further along.  Maybe because she was a midwife and maybe because she was just awesome she was totally fine with it. 

    There is no reason for internals and most doctors/midwives I've asked about it say they only do them because so many women expect them and are irritated to not "know what is going on", they are glad to skip them.

  • I never declined them during my last pregnancy, but they always asked before doing them. Basically, it was more "we can check you out in there if you want".


  • It shouldn't be a big deal considering internals don't mean anything.  I brought it up to my midwife early on and she had no problem with it.  She wanted to go ahead & check me when I got my strep b test, but after that she said it wasn't necessary unless I was curious.
  • I haven't even been asked; probably because I made my wishes clear early on and have a doc that believes in the same philosophy as what I am looking for out of this experience.

    That being said, many women simply don't say what their desires are and wind up falling into the routine.  I understand why you might feel odd about speaking up against the grain, but I wouldn't sweat it.  Tell them how you feel and go from there.  I would bet it won't be a big deal.  Maybe a nice way to start the conversation is to ask 'do you feel like there is any information gained from internals that would affect the outcome of my pg?'  This way you are opening the door to the conversation instead of saying "no".  GL! 

  • Thanks, ladies!  It sounds like most of your doctors/midwives don't have a problem with you declining them, so hopefully my doctors will be the same.  We will see on Monday!
  •   I had a doc appt tuesday and My doc was going to do the GBS test and I refused.  I am a csection and I will get a dose of antibiotics anyway, I just really didnt want to be messed with.  He said that was fine.   This is my 4th baby and so I have learned that you dont need all internals if you dont feel like it
  • I will let you know tomorrow after my 37wk appt. I asked something very similar last week :)
  • I had only had one internal with DS, when I got my GBS.  My OB was able to tell me that DS was face down like he was supposed to be.  I was very happy.

    it was uncomfortable, but not bad.  I am not going to decline it this time around.  Now if it is happeneing every week and it isn't necessary I would ask if it was really needed and if not then I would pass.

  • My Dr originally said 38wks but I was offered this past week and I just said- oh that is ok bc I don't want to be disappointed if nothing is happening yet. She was fine bc she mentioned she doesn't like to make her patients uncomfortable when they are already so uncomfortable from being so pg.  I will go for it next week though...too curious now!
  • I just talked to my midwife about it and she said it wasn't a problem if I wanted to decline the internals at first.  After 40 weeks, they want to do them and I'm fine with that.
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    I will let you know tomorrow after my 37wk appt. I asked something very similar last week :)

     Just to update:

    I think I stressed about this way too much.  The dr. today was totally fine with not doing an internal.  I had mentioned to the assistant (the one who weighed me and took my bp) that I was hoping to pass on the internal this week because I had a lot of cramping from it last time.  And since I hadn't been experiencing any contractions, dr. was totally fine skipping it. 

    She just made an offhand comment that most people are really curious and don't wanna skip it.  Me?  I'm fine not knowing.  It's 70 degrees out and I can enjoy the rest of my day!! :) 

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