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Ticker Change - 34/35 weekers come in!

WOOHOO! Time is zooming by now!

My ticker changed to 34 weeks today and I'm feeling pretty good. I can definately feel her weight and unlike bumpies that have the adorable soccer ball tummy mine is like an full abdominal watermellon. I would post pics but that has never worked for me as it appears I'm not technologicvally advances enough. LOL

Still working with the GD diet and I think I may have escaped insulin as diet and exercise are working. Feel like I can't eat anything but that's keeping my weight down so I'm ok with it.

Baby is moving around all the time and jabs/kicks on occasion which has been a tad uncomfortable. Still no stretchmarks and although I have gained 35 lbs. I'm still in the same size maternity wear as week 18 so something is working.

How is everyone else feeling?





Re: Ticker Change - 34/35 weekers come in!

  • I'm 34 weeks and feeling good. My friend comes to town this weekend so we'll be out and about and hiking and I'm glad I'll be able to do all that!


  • I'm halfway between 34/35 weeks and feeling pretty good.  I can definitely tell he is getting bigger, but that is a good thing! I am super excited for my baby shower Saturday!!


  • I hit 34 weeks in a few hours & I feel like I'm gonna explode!!

    I have a LOT of pressure down low, my iliosacral joint is out of place, and both siatic nerves act up regularly. I thought I was being a baby but at my u/s this morning both the dr. & tech kept commenting on how LO is as far engaged into my pelvic region as possible w/o coming out! All my OB could say was that he was impressed that I was still walking decently with how LO was positioned! Eeek!

    With baby being so low I have had a lot of BH (usually at least 2 an hour) and a few real contractions each day. I'm kinda hoping all this means that LO will come closer to 38/39 wks than 41/42! My cervix is high and tight though (had to get the dildo cam to look at cervix since LO was so mushed against it!).

    Other than that I'm good! haha! Tons of movement and kicks/punches that feel like they are going to break something! DH likes to say that he makes hercules babies!

    Only 4-8 more weeks! So excited to meet LO!

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  • I hit 34 weeks today too. I am having some severe sciatic pain tonight. My doc really doesn't want me working anymore but i need a few more weeks of paychecks....

    My GD is being managed by diet and exercise too!


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  • I'll also be 34 weeks tomorrow.  Feeling pretty good, but I'm getting ready to near the end.  I've had some pain relating to the sciatic (sp?) nerve earlier in the week, but I think LO moved so it's better now.  I have a ton of BH every day.  I have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks but part of me hopes I'll go into labor on my own before that.  I still have an ounce of hope for a VBAC! :)

  • im almost  35 weeks.And to be honest i dont feel good i just got out of L&D yesterday i was going into preterm labor.my contractions were 3 min apart and was 2 cm dialted.
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