3rd Trimester

**UPDATE to L&D at 33 weeks

Thank you everyone for the T's & P's. After 3 hrs in L&D and a big mis under standing we were sent home. The RN was treating me as if my water had broken which was freaking Both DH and I out! We kept telling them that no water had broken and she kept saying that sometimes it's a slow leak...anyways after an hr my doctor finally speaks to the RN and my doc tells her I tested positive for pre term labor but to Check me again to make sure my cervix hasn't thinned, and if it hadn't I could go home. So I was sent home and told to take it easy..ahhh what a day. They said since I got positive on that test that baby "could" come in 2-3 wks...I hope it was wrong. Thanks for listening.

Re: **UPDATE to L&D at 33 weeks

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