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40wks and no progress. Any hope?

I am hoping for a VBAC and Dr. says I'm still ok to try (previous C-section was b/c DD was breech and my water broke at 39 wks). So far this baby is head-down and I have no health issues, so I can go until 41 weeks, possibly 42 if the baby is fine according to the untrasound next week. I'm not dilated at all and still not soft and I'm 40 weeks tomorrow and because of the previous C-section I can't be induced (I have to be dilated some, then augmented only with low-dose pitocin). I lost my mucus plug today, but no contractions. Can anyone give me hope that I can still have this baby on my own? Tell me your stories of giving birth 40+weeks with no dilation.

Re: 40wks and no progress. Any hope?

  •  unfortunately never made it that far with my first pregnancy but I do want to wish you the best of luck. Maybe you'll be like some women who just get hit all at once and you'll progress so fast and have your lo soon enough. GL!
  • with DD #1  I went in on my EDD for a check and I was not progressing AT ALL. not soft, not dilated..nothing.  I went into labor 3 days later. fwiw--it wasn't long after I lost my mucus plug that it started! ;)   good luck! 
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  • From what I understand you can go from nothing to suddenly having a baby. Lots of labor dust.
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  • I was exactly 42 weeks when DS was born  I didn't have ANY progress before that point.  However that day I went in for an acupuncture appt.  I was in labor 3 hours later.  GL, don't lose hope, it will happen.  Keep in mind that your due date is an estimate, not an exact day.  I believe that DS was really only 1 weeks late due to ovulation timing and charting.  I just couldn't convince my Dr of that.
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  • I feel your pain!  EDD tomorrow as well and yesterday i was not dilated at all.  I am soft, but that's it!  
  • Sorry. I'm 40w3d and I still have no progress. I will be induced next week. I don't see any hope...
  • I'm 40 weeks and 4 days...I had no progress at all at my last apt. I stopped working 4 days before my due date and I'm so incredibly bored delivering this baby is all I think about. I just keep reminding myself that the due date is an estimate and that the baby will come when it's ready. My midwife was sure to tell me that no one has ever been pregnant forever. I really don't want to be induced so I'm hoping to wait it out.Good luck to you.
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