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I hate the doppler

I STILL can't find LO heartbeat!!!  I hear mine, and lots of noise but NO HB.  I had an apt 2 1/2 weeks ago and the dr. found it in one minute.  I just spend 20 mins looking for it and still can't find it!  Before I thought i was too early now this is just really frustruating!  Sorry had to vent!
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Re: I hate the doppler

  • toyah81toyah81 member
    What kind of doppler do you have, sometimes, that makes a difference too!

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  • Well, in all probability, the doctor's doppler machine is probably a lot fancier than yours.

    I wouldn't worry too much. If your doc was able to find the HB at 13w on their medical-grade device, your doppler should be sensitive enough to pick it up before too long. I was able to hear the HB on a $25 doppler right around 15w. Any day now! :)

  • Sorry to hear ur having a hard time with the doppler! Well not  to burst ur bubble but I had read that the once the doctors have are different then the ones we can purchase because a lot of time the heartbeat is not found. I had heard that sometimes mom get frustrated just like you and start to worry that maybe there soemthing wrong with the baby because of the heartbeat but its just the doppler.

     Ive been wanting to get one too but have been debating because i know i will start freaking out...

  • First, calm down.  Take a break.  Try again later.

    Your doctor's office probably also has a much more advanced machine than yours.

    Try to aim low.  Like around your hairline. Tilt it as well.  Sometimes that can give you better sound.  Just keep moving really slow and good luck!

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  • at my last appointment even the doctor had problems finding my little one's heartbeat because he/she kept rolling away from the doppler but we definitely heard lots of movement.  everything is probably fine.
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  • home dopplers are evil.
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  • Thanks girls.  I'm not overly worried about the baby I still think it's ok its just frustrating that I can't find it.  It's the sonoline B if you were wondering.  Thanks for your tips I'll give it a shot next time!
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  • rg8482rg8482
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    Try not to worry too much.  Your LO is probably very active and moving away from where the doppler is.  Just take a deep breath, relax and try again later.  It helps if you lie as far back as you comfortably can and start mid-way between your belly button and pubic bone.  It may take a few minutes to find, but sometimes I feel that leave the wand in place for a little bit helps and my LO eventually moves to the part I am listening in on. :)
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  • image kellysgirl2006:
    Thanks girls.  I'm not overly worried about the baby I still think it's ok its just frustrating that I can't find it.  It's the sonoline B if you were wondering.  Thanks for your tips I'll give it a shot next time!

    Maybe you are looking in the wrong spot.. where are you putting the probe?  I have that one and I have been able to hear the h/b since 10w3d. Are you using u/s gel?

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  • Are you laying down flat and using lots of lube with it?

    I know these are dumb questions, but seriously there was a girl on here one day who was doing neither of these things.

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  • I just found my baby's HB at 15 weeks. Now at 17 weeks it is very strong. Maybe you aren't holding the doppler still enough or in one spot long enough at a time? Try looking just above your pelvic bone to the right or left or just under your belly button. My baby is usually hiding on the left or right hand side just above my hair line. I have the Sonoline B.

    Good Luck!

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  • toyah81toyah81 member

    image kellysgirl2006:
    Thanks girls.  I'm not overly worried about the baby I still think it's ok its just frustrating that I can't find it.  It's the sonoline B if you were wondering.  Thanks for your tips I'll give it a shot next time!

    Oh okay. I've heard that's a pretty good one. I have the Sonotrax B. But much like everyone else said, just make sure you are relaxed first. It may take some time, (and I know I'm much further along than you are now) but for awhile, I could find the beat quicker than my doc in her office. Just don't stress yourself out - and try again in a few days. Don't try all day, everyday because if you can't find it, it will just get you more worked up :)


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  • skyejoskyejo
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    home dopplers are evil.

    Yes they are.

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    You're about as far along as I am.  Next time you try, lay down on your back with pillows propping up your back just a little.  Put the wand right under your belly button and go down about an inch.  Angle the wand so the head of it is facing your tail bone, and you might have to press in just a little. If you can't find it there, slowly go back and forth along that line. 

    Hopefully you'll be able to find it soon. 

    ^^This is how I found my LO's heartbeat 2 weeks ago when I first got my doppler.  It took a day+ of trying though!  And it ended up being almost behind my hip bone, so don't be afraid to travel pretty far back & forth. 

    I also promised DH (and myself) before I bought it that 1, I wouldn't panic if I couldn't find the HB, and 2, if I still couldn't find it after 10 minutes, I'd put it away & come back later.  So just try to stay calm & happy HB hunting!

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  • cadencaden
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    I have the same doppler as you and I'm horrible at it. And I'm having twins! You'd think i'd at least be able to find 1 easily! It takes me forever to find one and then it'll be gone in a split second. I'm bringing it to my next appointment and asking for a lesson.
  • You're still very early.  Even at my 22w appointment, my doctor had to have the wand right at my hair line to find it. So still pretty low.
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  • It's so frustrating! I would drive myself nuts, but my BFF made a power point to help me locate it. Send me an email if you'd like it: manuela_tehrani@yahoo.com.
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  • My doctor told me not to get one because of this very reason. She said they ones they have cost around $600 and are a much higher frequency. It could just be the position of your LO that makes it difficult for you to find it but easy for the more expensive one your doctor has.
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