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IUD insertion

Do I really need to have someone drive me home after it?? I read that on one website but I don't think my doctor ever mentioned that. Is there really that much pain afterwards??! Help ladies! Give advice please...


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Re: IUD insertion

  • really just depends. can you take some motrin beforehand? I think that would have helped me if I'd known.

    I left the office smiling and thought, man - that was a piece of cake.

    then I literally had to stop driving on the way back to work, pull over for a few minutes and let the nausea/lightheadedness pass.


    I mean, I was still able to drive. but I did have to stop for a few minutes. I was just crampy the rest of the day.

  • I work in an office where they insert IUDs and I rarely see people bring a driver with them.  Unless you're wanting some sort of sedation, which I have never seen with an IUD, then you shouldn't need a driver.
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  • I had difficulty getting my inserted because the doctor said my cervix was still pretty closed (maybe because I'm still nursing?) Afterward though, I had only the kind of cramping you might expect when you have your period- and that went away with some Tylenol.  I don't think you should need a driver but taking the pain reliever beforehand is a good idea.  Hope that helps :)
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  • I thought that it was pretty painful but drove myself to and from the appointment.  I did have childcare that morning (it was my 6 week pp visit) though.
  • My insertion didn't hurt at all.  Honestly I didn't even feel it... though I know some people have different experiences.  I would not think that even if it was uncomfortable that you would need someone to drive you home.


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