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Can your LO hold a bottle/sippy cup on their own??

We have a home DCP, and she'll be getting a 3rd baby sometime in June or early July (the mom is due in like a week). I would love for DD to be able to hold a sippy cup on her own by then - around 10 months old. Or if she can at least hold a bottle on her own, that's fine too. I think it will make it a lot easier to manage everyone. Anyway, just curious if you think thats on the early side of being able to do that or is it a common skill by that age?


Re: Can your LO hold a bottle/sippy cup on their own??

  • She can kind've hold a sippy cup.  I always try to let her do it on her own and just be there to help guide and catch.
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  • DS can hold both. He started holding sippy at 6 months and about the same time was when he could hold his bottle.
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  • DS just doesn't get that he has to tip it up. he usually flips it over and chews on the bottom
  • Mine started at 9 months holding their bottle, they have had the sippy cup down since 6 months. Just start practicing it now and it shouldn't take long. Also check the brand of bottles you use because some make handles that are similar to the sippy cup handles, we use Avent bottles and attach the handles to them to make it easier.
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  • I don't think its too dd places her hands around the bottle, but is not able to hold the weight (when she's almost done, you can see her manuever the bottle better).  She can also fix the bottle so that its where it needs to be.  For example, if she turns her head to the left, she will adjust the bottle to the left.  Now, I know it will be a while until she truly knows how to feed herself, but we appear to be on the track.
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  • Sippy cup, yes, he is a pro. Bottle, not so much. I think he can, he just chooses not to.


  • He's been holding his own bottle since 5 months.  Can use the Tilty sippy cup with ease, but it doesn't hold enough for it to be used to replace the bottle.  He hasn't figured out how to tilt with a regular sippy and we've tried just about every kind out there.

    The good news is, if she's like DS then she'll only have 3 bottles and she'll be able to feed them to herself.  At 10 months she'll also be eating a lot of finger foods too, so even more self sufficient. ;)

  • DD holds her own bottle.  In fact that's the only way she'll eat now except right before bed.  I sit next to her and she sits in her floor chair things (like a bouncer, but not really) and drinks it herself.  DS was an early bottle holder too.  She will also hold her sippy cup but does better with cups without handles.  The ones with handles she needs a little help tipping it.
  • I don't think this is normal, but I gave my 6 mo old a sippy just to get used to it, and he actually could hold it up on his own and use it.Maybe since you have a little time, let him play with it to get used to it, or only fill it up half way so it's not so heavy. Hope that helps and good luck!
  • DS holds his sippy cup no problem, but it's a straw kind. He's never taken a bottle (believe me we tried, he only wanted mom!) but he loves his straw sippy.

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  • DD hold her own bottle/sippy cup. Her sippy cup has handles (it is a playtex transition sippy cup). She's been doing it since aound 6-7 mos.
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  • Mine's been holding his bottle since like 4 months or so then he held his sippy cup the first time we gave it to him because it has handles and was easier than the bottle. We just taught him to put his hands on the bottle then he just got it, but all babies are different so your baby will do it when they are ready but I would think 10 months would be good.
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  • My baby boy prefers to bite the sippy cup nipple. He can hold one with handles. He just likes to bite on it as opposed to drinking from it. I wonder if he really gets much liquid out anyway. The cups we have tried seem to be difficult to get water from. Any advice? 

    And he can't hold the bottle given the weight when full. Thought I might try one of the 4 oz bottles we used a while back. 

  • My DD can hold a sippy and bottle and drink out of it just fine but she won't hold her bottle for a long time, she'll start playing with it and spilling it everywhere.  However, she can easily hold her sippy and drink out of it just fine.
  • She started the bottle on her own around 7 months and will sometimes do a sippy cup... but she doesn't take formula out of the sippy. She just spits it out.
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