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day care worker put pillow over baby's face...

I'm at work so I apologize that I cant link that...

This makes me angry for so many reasons. Obviously what the day care worker did is terrible, but on top of that stuff like this gives day care a bad reputation. I worked in a day care when I was in high school and a while after I graduated. It was a wonderful day care and I loved those kids like they were family. There were workers I didn't care for there, but I never saw anything bad happen to a child. So many people I know just go on and on about how terrible day care is, especially MIL.

Stories like this don't help as I am trying to talk DH into doing part time day care when DD is a little bit older. MIL has taught DH and his brother to hate day care and think that something bad will happen to every child there. I do my best to convince DH that there are very good aspects, especially when there are no other children remotely close to DD's age in our families. Right now MIL watches DD and I would prefer to have her in day care full time since MIL has decided to make it clear she doesn't like me.

I just dont know how I will ever convince DH that something like this does not happen to every child and that day care can be good. I'm so frustrated. I would like to find this stupid b!tch and hold a pillow over her face for a little while. I just dont get how you could do that to a baby.

Edit: sorry - my work has blocked something yet AGAIN so this looks totally unformatted even though it isn't!

had to get on my laptop and fix how effed up that looked.  work is DUMB.

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