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Do you plan to BF?

What are your reasons for wanting to or not wanting to breastfeed? If you are, how long do you plan to?
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Re: Do you plan to BF?

  • I plan on BF for at least 6 months.  There are a couple of reasons why I want to.  The first being that it is healthy for the baby, and I want to do it for bonding reasons as well.  And it cutting costs doesn't hurt!

  • Yes I want to.

    1. Because I am cheap. We FF DS because our adoption finalized so quickly that I didnt get treatment soon enough to be able to produce milk ... needless to say we spent roughly $3,500 in formula from birth to 12 months.

    2. It supposed to be more nutritious than FF.

    3. It will help me loose those extra pounds I am now stacking.

    4. I plan to do it until we are ready to start TTC # 3 ... so prob 1 year.

  • I plan to breastfeed since it is best for baby and is much cheaper than formula!  I've also heard it is great for bonding.  I'm hoping to BF for at least a year.  I will pump too so DH will be able to feed her & she will be in daycare a day or two per week.

    With that said - I am very nervous about the whole BF situation.  I know its natural etc but the thought of breastfeeding her in front of anyone besides DH really weirds me out.  I've been told by friends I will get over that quickly but still.....it makes me uncomfortable.  I will still BF no matter what - it may just take me a while to adjust.

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    I plan on BF for at least 6 months.  There are a couple of reasons why I want to.  The first being that it is healthy for the baby, and I want to do it for bonding reasons as well.  And it cutting costs doesn't hurt!

     This Yes

  • Yes, mainly because it is better for the baby. I plan on BF and pumping at work for a year.
  • Yes

    Bonding, health/well-being, money

    I'm thinking one year

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  • Yes- I will be a SAHM so I definitely will have the time to EBF. As far as how long, I guess however long I can! Hopefully until LO is 1 and we start TTC number 2 :)
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  • I plan to BF.  I BF'd DD for 18 months and we had a great nursing relationship - it was cheap, easy, convenient, healthy for her & me, helped me lose weight, etc.

    My goal is a year and then to let DD #2 self-wean from there, which is what I did with DD #1.

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  • LCB34LCB34
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    As of right now I am planning on FF for a few reasons.  However, if I actually have a decent supply and have no issues with latching, etc I will reconsider after birth.

    My sister (and mom) had a horrible time with supply issues.  She put so much pressure on herself to BF that she was a huge mess when she literally couldn't provide enough milk for her son to survive.  It started a huge downward spiral into PPD and I am terrified of having expectations only to have them crash.

    Also, after everything I went through to get pregnant - and all of the pain associated with feeling like less of a woman because I cannot get pregnant with major scientific help, I am terrified of feeling like a failure again if I cannot BF.

    Due to my fertility issues and my family history of little to no supply, the chance of me having a supply is slim to none.

    My mental health and ability to function as a new parent is very important to me and not BFing (or not having any expectations to BF) is part of preparing and maintaining my mental health. 


  • I plan to BF for at least a year.  I bf'ed DS until almost 15 months. 
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  • delg23delg23 member
    I plan to breast feed first and foremost for the health benefits for the baby and the hopeful possibility I will lose weight from it. I am not going to work so there really isn't a reason for me to not do it.
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  • kjg5445kjg5445
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    i plan to. probably wean off around 1 year old. Its wonderful for the babys health and its easy on my wallet. convenient to carry around and i dont have to worry about how much formula the baby has left!

    I hear women say its a wonderful bonding experience but i had just as much bonding formula feeding my son so i cant really include that in my reasonings =)


  • I plan to breastfeed up to 6 months. After that I will see how it goes. My reasons: health benefits for baby first and foremost. Also, we can't really afford the extra expense of FF (which to me IF one is able and wants to breastfeed is a cost that can be cut). Weight loss benefits for me would be nice too! ;)
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  • No I dont!! This is my #4 baby, I never have and it is basically because it just isnt for me!  Honest truth, Im a formula mom all the way!!! lol  BUT, I think if its your first it is a GREAT idea to at least try BF'ing!!!!!  
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  • I plan to bf. I am just nervous, for some reason, about not being able to. I would like to bf for the extra nutrition mainly. I think if I could for at least 6 months, I would be happy.
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  • Yes, I breastfed DD for 13months and hope to go just as long with this little one.

    FWIW, looking back we had a few hard times getting started but once we got going everything was perfect, I'm super nervous that I will have more problems this time.

  • Yep, I'm planning to breastfeed. Unless there is a severe, unforeseen problem, I hope to breastfeed for the first year and see what happens after that. Luckily, my job is very flexible and BF-friendly. I can imagine it must be really hard to sustain breastfeeding if you work somewhere that is not very accommodating of new moms.
  • Yup - baby's health is first and foremost.  The convenience, low-cost, and high calorie consumption sweeten the deal. 

    Just crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly, I'm aware that it's not as easy as it sounds.  But I really, really hope I can!

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  • I want to bf, hopefully for a year. I want to because it is good for baby, free, helps me lose the baby weight, and I really enjoyed the bonding experience with DS. Unless things work better this time I will probably also supplement with formula once I go back to work - last time I was only able to pump 5oz max and so we mixed bottles 50/50 during the day.
  • Yes.  I'd like to do it for 6 months minimum, and hope to do it for a full year.  I like the health benefits for the baby, and it's free.  The fact that it helps you drop weight faster is an added (awesome) bonus.  I have bad food and seasonal allergies and I'm hoping that breastmilk will give this kid a fighting chance against both. 


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  • skyejoskyejo
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    Most definitely.  To sum it up, it's the best for the baby and formula doesn't have essential ingredients that are found in breastmilk.  Plus, it's great for attachment.  I will BF for four months during my mat leave and pump at work for at least one year.
  • I  will BF this baby.  I BF DS and went for 14 months (never  would have thought I would last that long!).  I plan to make to to a year with this one, and then we'll see.  I wouldn't go past 16-18months, though.
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  • I plan to pump.  I wanted the health benefits of breast feeding for my baby and myself, but I like the idea of my SO being able to bond over feedings as well.
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  • Kaly16Kaly16
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    Yes!  I BF for 13 months with my DD and lloved it.  It was SO hard in the beginning, but we saved $, I dropped the PG weight pretty qickly, once we got the hang it it, it was easier than formula bottles  and  my DD is HEALTHY...i see my friends' kids and they are ALWAYS
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  • I'm planning on it, but I was with DD as well and that didn't work.  She never latched and I EP for longer than my psyche could handle (and she was very ill).  I ended up FF her.  Hopefully, this baby will latch.  I'd love to save money.  As for all the rest, eh. Olivia has never been sick, is super advanced, and we have an impeccable relationship Wink
  • image yeshuahamasshiah:

    Yes I want to.

    1. Because I am cheap. We FF DS because our adoption finalized so quickly that I didnt get treatment soon enough to be able to produce milk ... needless to say we spent roughly $3,500 in formula from birth to 12 months.

    2. It supposed to be more nutritious than FF.

    3. It will help me loose those extra pounds I am now stacking.

    4. I plan to do it until we are ready to start TTC # 3 ... so prob 1 year.


    All of these, except this is my first, so we'd be TTC #2.  

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  • I BF my DD until she weaned at 2 years and will BF this baby.  There are so many reasons to BF - some much more superficial than others of course.

    - It's best for baby
    - It's great for me too
    - Works wonders for helping a baby sleep
    - It saves lots of $$$
    - It establishes a wonderful bond
    - It is relaxing especially during those first weeks
    - It's nice to have an excuse to break away from a party or crowd
    - I like pumping breaks.  Nothing like an excuse to go read magazines during the middle of the day at work
    - Formula is gross.  Why would I want my baby to eat something that I wouldn't?
    - BFing diapers are much less stinky than FF diapers
    - I never had to worry about fixing formula at night - or at any other time for that matter.  I was always ready to go.

    I have no good reason not to breastfeed.  Even when I experienced the occasional clogged duct or drop in supply, it was never worth quitting.

  • image slwhatley:
    I'm going to try to breastfeed. If it doesn't work out I am not going to beat myself up over it. Some things cannot be planned, and I'm okay with that.

    This, exactly.

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  • ougrad1ougrad1
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    Not breastfeeding.  I've never had the desire.  Neither my H or I were BF and we're okay.  I really don't want to so, I'm not.

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  • Some benefits according to a book I'm reading "So That's What They're For!" by Janet Tamaro:

    • BFing creates a rush of hormones to mom cementing bonding
    • Studies show BM is the perfect brain food during the first year of life. FF is clinically associated with lower IQ by 5-10 points.
    • BM enhances brain development and cognitive development
    • BM contains nutrients that can not be created in a lab, they are not found anywhere else on Earth. These nutrients contain immunities to diseases that Mama has built up over the years.
    • BF babies have fewer illnesses and go to the doc about half as often as FF babies in the first year.
    • BM contains a protein called "human alpha-lactalbumin" that is lethal to tumors. It keeps cancer cells from replicating.
    • Because of that, you can greatly lessen LOs chance of getting pneumonia, botulism, bronchitis, staphylococcal infections, influenza, and German measles.
    • and lessens the risk of eczema, leukemia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and urinary tract infections.
    • Less gastrointestinal reflux (aka spit up)
    • Fewer cases of otitis media (ear infection) in BF babies. Ear infections are 3-4 times more prevalent in FF babies.
    • Less likely to have allergies, asthma, allergic reactions to food and environment. Even if the baby has a genetic predisposition, BFing reduces the severity of the attacks.
    • BM is free
    • BM is always clean
    • BF requires no special equipment
    • BM is always with you
    • BF babies are 40% less likely to have misaligned teeth
    • BF babies have better eyesight
    • "Breastfeeding satisfies crucial emotional needs. Bottle-feeding, no matter how well-intentioned the parents,requiers less physical contact, and when a baby is old enough to hold a bottle, it's often a solo activity"
    • BM contains natural pain relievers for baby. Instant soothing.
    • BF is great for jaw and proper dental development because babies use as much as 60 times more energy to get breastfed than to get formula from a bottle.

    There were others listed but I was most impacted by one line in this book.

    "The problem is that comparing breastmilk and formula is like comparing a real leg and a prosthesis"

    I love this book, can you tell?

    "So That's What They're For!" By Janet Tamaro

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