3rd Trimester

lost my grandma last night :(

my grandma went into the ER around 8 last night and by 11:30, my mom had called to tell me she didn't make it through the night. horrible, because while she'd not been at her best for the last few years, this was VERY unexpected (not that expecting it ever makes it any easier).

i had my membranes stripped yesterday, i'm 3-4cm dilated and i'm having not-too-uncomfortable contractions about every 4 minutes, but i don't feel like i'm in labor right now, obvs.

my induction is scheduled for friday morning, which (while funeral plans aren't finalized) could very well cause me to miss my grandma's funeral.

as excited as i am to bring LO into the world, my grandma is like another mom to me. i talk to her every day, i lived with her after i graduated from college when she sustained some major injuries, and just generally i do not want to miss that chance to say goodbye.

i called my dr's office this am to see if we could move up the induction to tonight or tomorrow. now i'm waiting to hear back.

anybody have good advice?

Re: lost my grandma last night :(

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