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I am so sick! I was projectile vomiting last night...i usually just dry heave in the morning and am queasy all day but last night was out of control.  I just dont feel well...at all.  The queasy feeling never leaves...if anyone has any good remedies to help please share. i did not have this with ds....ugh!
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  • tell your doctor to prescribe you zofran
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  • I went and the dr put me on Zofran...apparently my body doesn't like it because I just throw up more...I pray it works for you!!!

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    tell your doctor to prescribe you zofran

    This. It's the only way I was able to function and take care of DS.


  • Have you tried vitamin B6 yet? It helps me, but I know that it doesn't work for everyone. My Doc recommends 50mg 4xday.
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  • I'm taking Zofram as well as Reglan as needed. It works for a bit for me. I'm sick all day, every day. Nausea is there all the time but sometimes I just hits me and on top of the nausea I'm sick and very dizzy. Last night I just laid in bed and cried and cried, poor DF he started to cry too. A friend suggested SeaBands last night so I think I'll try them (as soon as I can drive to the store) and a few people suggested ginger. The only thing is the m/s doesn't seem to be in my stomach but more in my head (dizziness) so I'm not sure ginger will do anything for me. 

    If you find any miracles...let me know too. Until then, know you are not alone in this. ;o) 

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  • That is how I was, and slowly I'm getting better.

    My best remedy was a part time one, ginger gum.  They carry it next to the seabands.  I've only found it at CVS and Riteaid, but it did help.

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  • If you get on Zofran make sure to eat/drink something to combat the constipation that comes with it! 
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  • Ask your pharmacist for B Natal suckers.  They come in cherry flavor and are supposed to last for 8 hours I think.  I really liked them.
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    tell your doctor to prescribe you zofran
    Definitely this. 

    Ditto this! I had the worst nausea and tried everything! - ginger gum, preggie pops, sea bands, etc. etc. Zofran was the only thing that worked for me. It was a life saver!  

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    If you get on Zofran make sure to eat/drink something to combat the constipation that comes with it

    Zofran did wonders for my nausea, but I'd rather be puking than backed up so bad I am in pain.

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  • I had a nutritionist tell me that a lot of moms have found that lemons will help....some say just smelling fresh cut lemons will do the trick, or you could put a little bit of sugar on the slices and eat them. Hope this helps, good luck!
  • I have also heard that smelling lemons may help.  To be honest, this is my first pregnancy and my first tri-mester was no fun - I was sick a lot.  Nothing seemed to work for me, but a co-worker told me that she would keep a Zip-Lock baggie with a few lemon slices in it and open and sniff when she was feeling icky... hope this works for you.  Sorry you're experiencing the dreaded morning (all day) sickness... it gets better, I promise! :o)
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