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Nesting DH?

I had asked DH to clean out the fridge for me a few times. Something in there went bad and yucky smells still make me sick. Last night he finally got around to doing it. I sat on our front porch waiting for the air inside to clear, only to come in and find DH re-organizing the pantry. When he was done with that he broke down and moved all the cardboard boxes we had in our front room from LO's packages. Went outside and cleaned the front porch. Plus he has an entire list of things he wants to get done this weekend! I'm glad nesting has kicked in for at least one of us.

Re: Nesting DH?

  • wow! I'm going to ask my DH to clean the fridge... hopefully I'll have the same chain reaction, lol
  • WOW! You're lucky! haha My DH has been acting like a caveman lately...waiting for me to serve him and clean up his dishes.  So I left him a note for him to find "if thou places dish in the sink, thou shall clean it".


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    Now hopefully he gets his list done! That's great. My DH is similar.. it takes a few times of asking or reminding to clean one thing and the next thing I know he isn't stopping. Just takes a little nudge.

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  • Haha, yeah my DH is totally on a mission to get all projects done around the house before LO gets here.  The bad thing is most of them require me to make decisions and my pregnancy brain is too overloaded to make all of them.  I'm trying to slow him down some, haha
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