3rd Trimester

3 1/2 cm, 80%, and 39 weeks

Come on baby! Last night she felt like she was literally trying to push herself out...please come soon please come soon!  I am swollen, large, waddling and READY!! :)

Re: 3 1/2 cm, 80%, and 39 weeks

  • i went to the doctor today.... i am still 3cm & 75%(same as last week), i have been having braxton hicks all day long!!! So ready to have this baby, these "practice contractions" are starting to annoy me!!
  • If I have had BH I don't know...Just a lot of pressure and discomfort.  At this point anything I feel I wish was consistent and meant I was in labor! :) I was 3 days past my due date with DD#1, not holding my breath that this one will come early...but I still hope! :)

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