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Alternative to Fels Naptha?

I'm looking at making some more laundry detergent soon, and I'm wondering about alternatives to the Fels Naptha soap-preferably something not petroleum based...any thoughts?

Re: Alternative to Fels Naptha?

  • kdellokdello member
    I've heard you can use Kirk's Castile Soap bars or this neon pink stuff I buy at the Mexican Bodega called Zote! (lol, yes, with the exclimation point included).

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  • PoonicoPoonico member

    I've heard of people using the same as above, Kirks, Zote & also Ivory.

    I think you can really use any soap that you are happy with the contents of.  I prefer Fels because I love the scent.  I also keep a bar handy to rub out stains.  Works great.

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