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Any other Military Wives out there !!!!

Well my hubby is Air Force, and I am due July 11th 2010 and he was due to deploy july 14th 2010! I know crazy we didnt plan this at all we actually had tryed for months previous and nothing had then when stopped trying and we ended up getting pregnant! So I have a 19 month old daughter and for the last few months since we have known he would be leaving, i have been preparing my brian to deal with all of it . I then get the best news !!! My hubby found out that he wasnt deploying anymore just on standby. I am still crossing my fingers. But now I am worrying about him being here after the babies birth and the only reason I feel that way is because When our first child was born he was gone from her age of 2 months to 6months. I know how much work goes into it and how i have my own way of handling it but now i will have 2 little girls. I am so happy to have my hubby here to comfort my oldest when at times I can't as much as she might need, but I am scared about how my hubby will handle it all !!! wo am I just a worry bee or a control freak ? anyone out there I am open to ur opnion.

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Re: Any other Military Wives out there !!!!

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    I know there are some military wives/moms here but there is also a Military Families board.


    GL & I'm sure it will all work out.


  • There's a Military Families board that would probably work better for your question.
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    I'm an AF wife, too. This is our first.  We are going through our 4th deployment right now and I think the waiting pre-deployment is the hardest part of the whole thing. 

    I think you should be grateful that you will have your DH around to give you the extra support and hands that you need.  As you said he will be able to entertain and care for your older DD while you take care of the baby. GL!

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  • Honestly I think he is going to be a great help for you and he has to be so excited to be there for both children. Maybe you could mention your concerns to him that way he can adjust to your way of handling LO or find a middle of the road agreement. Talking to other military wives has always been great support also.
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  • I'm a Navy submariner's wife. My husband deployed 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant and was gone until 3 weeks ago. I just consider myself lucky to have him back for the actual birth. It's possible his sub will go out again around the time the baby would be born, but he's already put in leave requests, which should get granted.

    It's hard, but you are strong! I think talking with your husband about all your fears is the best thing you can do, and even taking of advantage of whatever help your base can give would be good for you. GL!

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  • Marine wife here. Been through two deployments and other various separations.  No fun, but I think being a military wife makes you so independent that you can handle almost ANYTHING! I agree, if he gets overwhelmed with a newborn, have him help more with your older child...either way it will be a load off yours shoulders. Here is hoping he can stick around for a while! Good Luck!
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