XP from High Risk: In L&D with Pre-E - Long but please read if you have time.

Well, they've locked me up, most likely for the duration of my pregnancy - which they are being cautiously optimistic when they say another 2-4 weeks.

Last Thursday, at my weekly appointment, my OB noted that my BP was slightly elevated from my norm, but was still within normal ranges, and I had +1 protein in my urine.  She wasn't too concerned, but since multiple pg carries a high risk of Pre-E she decided to order some blood work and a 24 hour urine.  Being that we were approaching a weekend, she had me start the 24 hour catch Sunday morning and scheduled me to drop it off on Monday morning.  She gave me a list of things to watch for and instructed me to be vigilant with my bed rest.

My mom is a nurse, and mom, so naturally she was a bit concerned about me.  She brought me a BP cuff and suggested that I start monitoring my BP on my own, just to be safe, but if nothing else then to give them more information.  This was the best advise I have ever taken from my mother!  It seemed a little overboard, but I thought what the heck - it's not gong to hurt anything.  I started monitoring on Saturday, and my pressures fluctuated , but didn't really go above what they were in the office - 133/74. 

I monitored again on Sunday and they were a bit higher - upper 130's/low 80's.  Also on Sunday night I was feeling kind of off and had a slight pressure like headache, but blamed it on being 32 weeks pg with twins, and physically drained from it. 

On Monday I went to my lab appointment, dropped off my collection, had the follow up blood drawn and headed home to bed.  I felt really crummy, and noticed that my pressures had now consistently crept up to high 140's/high 80's, and I still had the pressure like headache.  I called my OB;s office and they recommended I come in to meet with a NP to be checked out.  She verified that the pressures I was getting at home were correct, but that they weren't in a danger zone yet.  She screened me for other signs and symptoms, which I didn't have, and suggested that I try some Tylenol to see if the headache responded to that.  Again, she reiterated what I should watch for, and stressed that I stick to my bed rest. 

Come Tuesday, my pressures were still the same, with a reading that was occasionally higher, but I had woken up with a mild migraine-like headache, complete with light sensitivty.  As I was getting ready to pick up the phone, the office called me to say that my 24 hour catch showed a higer than normal amount of protein - 629.  They said that they were going to start me on BP meds, have me see the doc weekly and put me on strict bed rest at home.  When I mentioned the headache, she checked with my doc, and ins truced me to head to L&D immediately. 

In an effort to attempt to shorten a long story, they saw some of my lab values getting more and more off - specifically my platelets, and my head ache was getting worse, so this morning they took me off observation and changed my status to admission.  They repeated the labs and have found things to be stabilized for the time being.  She has found the right drug to help lower my BP, and was able to get in both doses of the steroids to mature the babies' lungs.  They're also working on my headache - trying to treat it as a migraine.  If that doesn't work they may have to put me on Mag if they can't get it resolved to prevent me from seizures. 

My OB is being very clear that things can change at anytime that can cause immediate delivery. But she's being cautiously optimistic that we can cook these girls in the hospital for another 2-4 weeks getting them to at least 34-36 weeks.

This has gotten longer than I had intended, but I really want to get out the message of how quickly pre-e can develop and progress.  The scariest thing for me has been that I don't really feel sick, even though I really am still facing a potentially dangerous situation.  The few symptoms that I do have, I wouldn't have thought twice before this about blaming on normal pregnancy stuff. 

So, if there is anything I can pass on it's this - listen to your gut and trust your instincts.  When they tell you to report just feeling 'off'' do it!  It's better to be safe than sorry.  Also, you are your own advocate, so don't be afraid to speak up, and do what you feel you need to do to protect yourself and your baby - and never apologize to yourself or others for seemingly going overboard.  I would rather appear overboard or overly cautious any day, then to not report something because I thought they'd think I was a pest.

Thanks for listening, and if you can send some T&P our way that would be much appreciated!!!!

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Re: XP from High Risk: In L&D with Pre-E - Long but please read if you have time.

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