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Braxton Hicks at 21 weeks and a day...

I keep reading that it's normal but not more than twice an hour.  I have a dr's appointment tomorrow about it, but haven't heard what he will do if it is Braxton Hicks and if they are too frequent.  Can anybody help calm my nerves?  Thanks!!

Re: Braxton Hicks at 21 weeks and a day...

  • Not sure what he can do about it. I have been having them for a few weeks now and this week they have been very strong and frequent. Not painful at all but WOW! I had heard 4X/hr was above normal. 2x/hr is about what I'm at now. I plan on talking my dr. at my next appt.
  • strange to hear. I didn't have B.H. until the very last 6 weeks of my last pregnancy and not that often.
  • does your insurance company offer a nurses line? Most of them do. You may want to call them up and get the number for it.
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    I've had them since 18 weeks. I was concerned too, I did not have them until 38 weeks with my daughter. My Dr. said it was completely normal, but I should let him know if I got more then 6 an hour.
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  • I got my first BH at 17 weeks, and yes, it's normal. I think the rule is no more than 4 in an hour, but I could be mistaken. Definitely ask your doctor and see where they put the cut off. If you have more than they want you to, they'll check you to make sure they're not real contractions, and not doing anything to dialate you.... I think they can give you something to calm them down either way.
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  • Completely normal.  I have been getting them since 18 weeks and did with my son as well.  They always say to empty your bladder, drink lots of fluids and rest with your feet up when you experience them.  Call if there is any bleeding, pain or if you have more than 4 in one hour. 
  • Thanks everybody!!  This being my first pregnancy I'm trying to not overreact to anything...that's harder said than done lol!  My last appointment I told the doctor about them and he said to call if it continued to happen...so that's what I did.  I'm sure it'll be nothing more than to take it easy...my biggest fear is being put on bed rest...glad to know this is all normal!! :)

    Thanks again!! 

  • My doc wants a call if I have more than 5 of any contractions in an hour. It's not uncommon to have BH at this point. You really have them the entire pregnancy and only begin to be able to feel them later on. I started feeling them around 20 weeks with Clark and 16 weeks with Harris. If you are having several, drink a lot of water and lay down for a while. They should subside.
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  • I can give myself one just by thinking about it.  Some nights when they bother me I have tons in an hour just because I can't stop thinking about it.  I've been that way with all my babies and all was always well. :)
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