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Any prenatal yoga experts?

I'm pretty familiar with most yoga poses, having practiced on and off for several years. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm having trouble finding advice/routines that modify moves (as needed) for pregnancy. I don't want to be tied down to videos; I'd love a book or web resource that offers routines/poses I can customize. Anyone have any recs?

Re: Any prenatal yoga experts?

  • I work at a yoga studio. I have a little 10 min. routine that I "try" and do everyday. I start out with deep breathing to get my breathing in sink and then do these routine poses: cat/cow pose(this is my favorite, it really helps loosen up your belly), "picking grapes", triangle pose, squats(4 reps holding for 10 seconds), and hip rotation (move hips around in circle motion). Hope this helps! It makes me be more"loose". I feel much better after!!
  • take a class!!!!!  There is so much to be gained from the interaction with other mommies-to-be, and the instructor will vary the poses each class.
  • I'm a yoga teacher and recommend taking a prenatal yoga class.  A teacher can help you during the class, of course, but should also be willing to give you some pointers for a home practice.

    If you're starting out on your own, here are some pointers:

    nothing on your belly (no bow, cobra, locust, etc)

    minimal twisting

    move slowly when going from sitting to standing (typically, one would inhale as you role up from a forward fold to standing...  it can help to exhale during pregnancy - I don't know exactly why, it just helps with dizziness and blood pressure)

    no ab work (no boat pose or any variations of that)

    don't be afraid of props, use blocks, blankets, straps, pillows to support you or your belly

     Feel free to PM me if you want more detailed info!  GL!

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