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For those having (or had) C-sections - what are your biggest fears? My anxiety abut this surgery really gets the best of me when I have bad insomnia. I have never had any type of surgery before and I am just so terrified about this. ugh. I am so afraid of infection or bleeding etc. My best friend had a c-section about 1.5 years ago and the dr cut her bladder by mistake. It was a bad situation for awhile, but she is ok now.  I should probably stop thinking about this stuff.

Re: c-sections / fears

  • Try to focus on the outcome (LO) and that the vast majority go extremely well.  I think it may be easier said than done, but hope that helps.
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  • I had a c section with DS (After 22 hours of labor) and honestly it wasn't bad at all. You feel some tugging during, keep up on pain meds(Although I only did motrin), get up and walk when they say to walk, and take time for yourself to recover. I am doing a planned c section this time and honestly looking forward to it!
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  • I did not have good expeiences with my c-section because I have lots of adhesions and it caused lots of complications.

    My fear, it that this time, the doctor tells me I really should not have any more kids!

  • I am going in in a couple hours for my c/s and I wish I didn't read the second part of your post!  

    I second the pp- I try mostly to think of the outcome (baby).  I was REALLY anxious when they brought me back for my c/s with DS.  It all turned out really well though, so I am hoping to leverage that experience and try not to think about your friend's story.  :)

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  • this will be my 3rd csection and I am a little afraid but I know that it will be ok.  It doesnt take long from start to finish and they have you LO out within like 10 min.  You will be fine. Your baby will take your mind away from anything else. 
  • My scheduled c/s went great with dd. I am trying for a VBAC this time but if this little one isn't out within a week, I will probably have another c/s and I am ok with that since the last time it went so well. The thing that scares me the the most if I have to do it again is the spinal and honestly that part isn't so bad. It doesn't hurt so much as just feel weird and uncomfortable. I jerked a little when he did it because it took me by surprise, but it was really quick. Good luck!


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  • I had a C with Gabriel. It wasn't an emergency, but it wasn't planned either. It went just fine. My recovery was good, and I didn't have more pain than I could tolerate with a little motrin. My scar is minimal, and I don't have any residual pain (ever!) from the scar area, nor my back where the spinal was administered. Since I had such a positive experience, I'm really not anxious at all. I know that my doc has done thousands of Cs, and I'm in very good hands.
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