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A question about starting BCP before AF...

I weaned DD from BF about a month ago. I was on the mini pill and my OB said that since I was on that, I could just start regular BCP on any Sunday and stop taking the mini pill the Saturday before, so no days w/out pills.

Long story short, I've been getting hives since 6mo PG and they could be PG/hormone related. Someone here mentioned they'd had the same and it didn't go away until she went off BCP. So I thought I'd take a BCP break and see what happened... nothing different :(

So now I want to go back on BCP asap but I don't know if I can just start on any old Sunday since I haven't gotten AF back yet and I haven't been on the mini pill or any pill in about 2 weeks. Does anyone know? Do I have to wait until AF comes back?? I know this is a question for my OB but I figured I'd ask here in the meantime ;)

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Re: A question about starting BCP before AF...

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