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Anyone else have prolapsed cord/emergency c-section?

Just curious since it's 1 in 1000 if anyone else had this - I'd love to hear your story!

Re: Anyone else have prolapsed cord/emergency c-section?

  • I didn't have it.  But I had too much fluid so they induced me due to the risk of the cord prolapsing.  I was stuck in the bed the whole time.  They didn't want me to get up at all.  And they didn't even want my water to break.

    When my water did break it was a big ordeal because the nurse had to stick her hand up there to create a plug and let the water slowly come out so the cord wouldn't come out.  

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  • I am a long time lurker- and about to move over to 3-6, but I had a prolapsed cord after an induction and then emergency c-section. I hadn't had an epidural, so I was put under general for the surgery. Probably the scariest thing that has happened to me- I wrote out my birth story, PM me if you would like to read it. I haven't posted it on here because I never post (been lurking since I got pregnant)- and it's also really long. 


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