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Birth Story!!! Emergency C-section - scary for 5 minutes

So my baby is now almost a month old - but how mommies find the time to post on this board so frequently after birth is beyond me! Anyway, I had GD so my dr wanted to induce a wk early to make sure baby didn't get too big.  I was already 2 cm and 50% effaced at my 38 wk appt so my body was ready.

DH and I report to the hospital at 5:30 am.  I get hooked up to IV's and get my epidural (FABULOUS by the way - didn't have one with DS so I was more nervous about that than I was giving birth!) Dr came in and said they were going to increase the pitocin to get things going and sent my family to get some lunch.  I have a history of speedy deliveries so once it gets cranking it probably wouldn't be anytime before time to push.  Family left and nurse came in to check me.  She had this look on her face that didn't seem right and she left her hand in there and told my husband she needed his help.  She asked him to move something so she could see the heartrate monitor and told him to push a button that apparently called someone in the room.  She still kept her hand in me and when someone came in the room she told them to go get "Lori".  They said she was in the OR and she said she needed her NOW.  I asked if everything was ok (knowing it wasn't) and she said things might start happening really fast but first she wants to check with someone else.  "Lori" came in with a mask on obviously straight out of another procedure, and my nurse asked her to check me and see if she thought what she was feeling was the cord or a finger.  Lori checked me, crawled up on the bed with me, looked me in the eye and said "Do you understand what's happening?".  I had already gone into stay super calm mode and asked if the cord was around his neck.  She said no, the cord is trying to come out first, and we are going to have to get him out right now.  I stayed calm, told my husband to get the camera, and they threw him some scrubs.  I knew if I panicked it wouldn't do anyone any good, and I think I stayed calm to keep DH from freaking out.  He started to put scrubs on and people started pouring in the room.  Lori told me she was sorry but she was going to have to keep her hand there and ride on the bed with me.  They started wheeling my bed out and apparently told DH they were sorry but there was no time to wait to use the epidural to do the C-section so he wasn't going to be able to go in the room after all.  I didn't know where they were wheeling me and suddenly all I could think of was my 12 year old DS in the waiting room seeing his mom wheeled down the hall not knowing what was going on.  they had an oxygen mask on my and I started crying at the thought of not being able to explain to my DS what was happening and that we were going to be fine.  The nurse said I was doing so good and what happened and I told her I was worried about my son.  She said me and the baby were going to be just fine and I told her I meant my 12 year old in the waiting room! She said she'd take care of it.  Next thing I know they move me to an operating table and the anesthesiologist is telling me to take 4 deep breaths.  Apparently they had propped DH up against a wall outside the OR and told him they'd have our baby out in TWO minutes.  DS had seen the nurse go in my room with a mask on and asked one of the nurses if I was in labor and she told him yes.  He called my mom and sister and told them they needed to come back right now from the cafeteria.  They didn't understand what in the world was going on because when they left I was telling everyone to wake me up when it was time to push! They came back and my mom went to talk to DH who is standing outside the OR sobbing and trying to explain what was going on even though we didn't know for sure at the time other than they had to get the baby out right now.  My mom starts crying and goes to the waiting room to grab DH's mom to come comfort him.  There was alot of confusion apparently and my DS stayed in the waiting room with his aunt.  He said he almost started crying but didn't know what was happening so he didn't know if he should be upset or not.  Meanwhile I took my 4 deep breaths and felt them prep my stomach with the soap.  I got anxious and told them I could feel it - they were moving so fast I was afraid they were about to cut me open and my 4 breaths weren't knocking me out! The anesthesiologist assured me they hadn't given me the medicine yet.  LOL Next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery and DH and DS are coming in to see me.  DH's eyes were red and he gave me the sweetest kiss on my forehead and the biggest longest hug.  I was a little out of it but aware enough to remember my concern for DS, so I had him come give me the biggest hug he's probably had in a long time too.  They brought LO in and told me he's perfect - no worries, we were all okay.  The nurse took a picture of our new little family.  I know this post is kind of long, but understand that all of this took place literally in about 5 minutes.  DH, my mom, DS, and the rest of the family were all scared to death, but before they could get too upset, they were wheeling LO out of the OR and on his way to get cleaned up and checked out.  DH was relieved but my family said he just kept saying over and over that he wanted to see me!!! *sniff sniff*  I mean I know he loves me but it makes you feel good to know even the birth of our child can't mask his concern for me and my well being too.  Long story short, we are doing well and no long term effects from LO's prolapsed cord.    

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