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Silly MIL

She sent over a big box of gifts for S.  Nice gesture- a few cute things that we will useand a handful that will get donated somewhere asap.

This is par for the course with her.

The new twist is that she labeled everything with a note to the baby in big black sharpie.  Even her block set reads:

"To S Love Grandma 4-1-10"

I guess we are keeping score around here of who gives what.

Re: Silly MIL

  • For Easter MIL gave DD a savings bond. On the card with it she wrote "Love Grandma G (her last initial) with the "G" underlined like 5 times. This way DD wont mistake it was from my parents I guess...LOL.
  • I'd gladly trade your issue with my MIL issues.  At least it's the thought that counts-it sounds kind of sweet to be honest.  She might be afraid if she's not around one day she wants him to know.
  • DelbyDelby member
    DH's entire (but small) family is very "sentimental" like this.  Hopefully that's all it is with your MIL.  They write on EVERYTHING and keep EVERYTHING.  MIL does it a lot.  Every time she gives me a picture she's marked it all up with sharpie, where it was, who it is, all that.  They haven't done this with gifts YET, but I would not be surprised at all.  Not that it's bad, I just like the clean look.  I think their philoophy is - writing on it confirms it's special which gives you a reason to keep it FOREVER. LOL.
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