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swelling, How bad is too bad?

  So I thought I overdid my chores on sunday and the swelling was horrible.  I woke up on monday and the swelling was so bad it did not go away and has yet to go away.  My  hands are so swollen I cant pop a knuckle and my ankles I can leave a handprint in.  I have been drinking none stop and not doing anything but trying to get the swelling down and its not going away.  I have never had this before and this is my 4th baby!  it is so uncomfortable.  Am I overreacting to go to the doctor of is this some serious swelling.  Thanks in advance

Re: swelling, How bad is too bad?

  • I'm certainly not an expert, but I'd call to be safe.  When talking about my swelling, my dr. always asks me if it goes down after a night of rest so it worries me that yours isn't.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  • Since it's in your hands, I'd call.  Is your face swollen?  Hands and face swelling are pre-e signs.
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    I called a few weeks ago because of some swelling in my feet.  They asked me a list of questions & even though I answered "no" to most of them, they still had me come in to have my BP checked.  It was fine then but at my appt yesterday it was slightly elevated so they're having me come in every week to keep an eye on it.

    Definitely call but in the meantime, try to keep anything that is swollen elevated above your heart as much as you can & watch your sodium intake.

    GL & I hope it's nothing serious!

  • I had to be induced because my swelling was like that from 33 wks on. It's called pitting Edema. You should make your OB aware of it but as long as your BP is normal you should be fine.


    You can try lating on the floor for at least an hour with your legs up against the wall, then flex your feet a few hundred times. That should help a little. Also have your DH massage your legs and arms.

  •   went in and they didnt seem concerned about the swelling but my BP was higher than my norm so I get to go in every week and have it monitered.  My doctor is pretty good.  I just cant believe the weight gain that I am having though.  I saw him 2 weeks ago and have gained 6 lbs since then.  I havent had an appetite like I usually do so Im betting on the water retention.  Thanks for all the replies and hope that everyone had a good day
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