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Anyone want to step-by-step tell me how to make baby food?

We have a food processor. Pedi says we can start veggies any time. Want to tell me step by step what to do? I could google, but I'd rather hear from real people what they do.
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Re: Anyone want to step-by-step tell me how to make baby food?

  • I could really benefit from this as well so I join in your appreciation of anyone who will take the time to explain!

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  • Check out

    It's a great website for making baby food.  Have fun :-)

  • ditto this! I just started and this website is awesome.
  • (Sorry, I thought I quoted the above post! The wholesomebaby food website is what I'm talking about.)

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    I like too.  But I use a pressure cooker to cook LO's food and then puree in a blender instead of using a food processor.  I can cook LO's food a lot faster and the food processor is annoying to clean, plus another thing to buy! 
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  • I recommend the book Super Baby Food to everyone, it is really well written and helpful.

    But, as far as the basics, you steam the veggies (I just use a steamer basket), then put them in whatever food processor/blender you are going to use.  Add in a little bit of liquid (water, breastmilk, formula), and puree on the setting that makes it super-liquified.  I would usually start out with 1/4 cup liquid to 2 cups of veggies and work my way from there to get the desired consistency.  To store, I used ice cube trays with a cover.  Good luck, I really had so much fun making Lilah's food and look forward to it this time around too!

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  • Wash, peel, and remove any skin or seeds. I then dice up the fruit/veggie and steam it until soft. Toss it in the blender or processor with a little BM/formula/ or leftover water from steaming. (maybe a teaspoon or two) And them just blend it until smooth. I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it so it's in easy 1oz-ish portions, then move to a ziplock and date it. Just take out a few cubes to thaw in the fridge overnight.It's so easy and rewarding! I have a few recipes on my blog, and more going up today if you want to take a peek.
  • Ohhh I can't wait to start solids! I am going to find out what J's pedi recommends before we do. I kind of want to skip cereals, but if that will get J to learn how to take food from a spoon I will do them. I read on the wholesomebaby site you can make your own rice cereal. We have a Magic Bullet that will pulverize anything, so I want to try that out in lieu of a food processor.

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    I have only done sweet potatos becasue LO liked them so I have stuck with it for a couple of weeks I will introduce squash next week. I peel the potato  cut it into smaller chunks. Boil it until it is almost falling apart and then stick it in the food processor until puree. I divide into 2tbs per container and put them in the fridge. When time to eat I heat and mix with a little formula in bowl to make it liquidy. Then spoon feed it to LO. She usually takes a 5 oz bottle but after her potatos she generally only drinks 3. I give her potatos at night and she has rice in the mornigns. besides that it is all formula. I hope that helps
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