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Anyone else having morbid dreams?

I never remember my dreams, but in the last week I've remembered them all and they are awful! In one, I found DS at the bottom of a pool and woke up so upset. I do not like this symptom.

Re: Anyone else having morbid dreams?

  • I did at first, and sometime still do. *hugs* It's only dreams. Just snuggle with your DH.
  • I didnt start having weird dreams till late second tri..Like you before pg I never remembered my dreams but now I've had some of the oddest and some have been very morbid.. From serial killers to watching video tapes of peoples heads decaying and turning into maggots..to my grandmother falling off a roof and becoming a zombie.. Oh yeah..

    Funny thing is these dont seem to bother me much as I've had some of the most unimportant dreams (small family arguments or dreams of my furbabies turning into other animals) and they have me waking up in literal tears!

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    Aren't they terrible? I've been having dreams where I end up smothering an infant in various ways. Either while BFing or laying them face down on something or rolling over on it. It's all accidental and terrifying.
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  • Wow, it sucks that you guys are going through it too, but glad I'm not alone. Helps me believe it's really just a pg symptom and I'm not a sociopath LOL!
  • Yes. In 1st tri I remember very vividly a dream where I had a miscarriage, and there was blood literally COVERING the entire deck, and then someone was yelling at me for making a mess everywhere while I was hysterically crying.
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  • Mine started at about 5 weeks. I joked with my DH that all of the baby journals seem to have a place to write down your dreams (maybe I was taking this too literally), but I told him there is no way I would ever want to write down my recent dreams-I didnt even want to tell him! Glad to hear that this is normal.
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  • Around 8-10 weeks I had HORRIBLE nightmares, every time I slept. Dreams about babies dying, going into labor and not being able to get to the hospital, serial killers after me, my SO leaving me, being raped, my SO dying, horrible, horrible stuff. It was so bad I would get anxiety about going to bed and push it off.

    The last two weeks have been better. I hope it stays that way.

    This is my siggy. Love it.

  • Oh I definitely have! I have woken up a few nights just terrified.  Hope this passes soon!
  • AKay25AKay25
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    Yes, I've had some. In general, I've noticed that most of my dreams are just more vivid and, even when they're not morbid, they're more bizarre then usual.
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  • Wow, I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! I had a bad dream about miscarrying and this morning I woke up crying because I was dreaming about missing my grandma. She passed beginning of April. I hope these don't continue through the entire pregnancy.
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  • YESSS...I never, ever used to remember any of my dreams but now its like everytime I sleep. Sometimes they are sad, scarry, crazy, funny. Last night I dreamed about making all this food and secretly going to my bathroom to eat it so no one would know..LOL..WHO KNOWS??
  • Wow! Can't believe so many of you are in the same boat! I had one two nights ago that woke me up with the sweats. My dad's car had gone off a cliff, and in real life, he's my only living parent, so it was really heart-wrenching. My first thought when I woke up was "Are these dreams stressing out the baby?" Not long after my dad called just to say he wanted to hear my voice, so that made me feel better:) Now where are those sexy dreams I was promised!!!
  • My family is a little "off" from what most people think is normal. We remember most of our dreams, and put a lot of weight into what they mean and/or are trying to tell us. So, when I started having all these crazy, violent dreams I got really concerned. My mom said she did the same thing & mt sisters did, too.

    My dreams in the beginning involved me apparently thinking I'm Steven Seagal. People would try to mug me & I would end up kicking ass with all kinds of attitude. 

    After that, I had a lot of dreams involving dog attacks that were all very bloody & involved dogs from people I know (including my own).

    Luckily they aren't as bad now, but I still have some that are pretty intense.

    I'm ready to climb the walls, too, buddy.

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  • I had a dream that I forgot to feed the baby all the time and everyone was telling me I was a horrible mom. I hate the dreams too. Sad
  • I keep having dreams that DH leaves me or is seeing another woman. I don't know what that's about becuase we have a very solid relationship. I am always so happy when I wake up and he is there next to me. I wish they'd stop because it makes me feel like some sort of paranoid freak when I wake up!
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  • I haven't had morbid dreams yet, that I remember.  But I do have extremely vivid dreams that feel so real and I have woken up several times not knowing where I am.  Great - now I have psycho dreams to look forward to as well. LOL.
  • I have them ALL the time!  They are not nightmares, per se, but they are very vivid and weird.  Sometimes there is a baby in them, but the baby is nondescript.  Odd.  I'm with you, I do NOT like these at all!
  • Oh you wanna talk about dreams?!?! Feel lucky that you've only had them the last week, as I've had horrid nightmares my entire pregnancy!!!! I've been shot 3 times, robbed, attacked by a bear, my dog has been attacked by a bear, my cat by a crazed dog, been in high speed chases, explosions, a torpedo hit my house, I was caught in a fire, I covered up murders, was chased by mobsters, and kidnapped by terrorists in Wal-mart!!!!! Most recently, my head was cut off and hung on the wall like an animal! haha. From all the research I've done... I think dreams are related to underlying fears and anxieties you may have... clearly mine area all related to pain and suffering--the basis of labour and delivery. Try talking out your concerns with a loved one or your mid-wife/doc.... I find when I talk about my worries, I don't dream for a few nights.
  • i had some crazy dreams like this with my first pregnancy. its funny that you mention walmart actually, i had several where everyone was turning into zombies and we had to live/take refuge in walmart. there were also a few times i woke up hitting the wall next to my bed because in my dream there was a spider there. they were all very realistic. but i'm happy to report zero morbid dreams this time around.
  • Yes! I had weird dreams right away, but it wasn't until about 12 weeks in that they took a dark turn.  I think it is all of my fears seeping out!  I had one dream where my mom died and then when I was breastfeeding a plastic bag flew over and somehow got on the baby and he couldn't breath!  It's just a dream, but it leaves you so disturbed!  Hope that they go away asap!
  • A few weeks ago I had super violent dreams. Usually someone is trying to kill me with a gun. I had a dream that my cousin shot me in the stomach and when I woke up I was so freaked out that it meant I was going to miscarry.

    Thank God they've tamed down a bit lately. 



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  • Yeah! I have had wierd dreams...one dream was where I died in a hotel bed out of town and my spirit was still there and was disturbed to have to sleep next to my dead body. In the morning people were trying to explain to me why I couldnt come back home with them and I didnt understand. Mostly my dreams have been not so creepy though... just strange.

  • I had them and I think they started in the third trimester but now that I'm at the end they've stopped but I just worry about bad things happening while I'm awake now!!!!
  • This is my frist child. having a boy. I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I've been having them for about 2 weeks now. First the dreams were about me being high on pot which i don't do since i'm pregnant. Now i'm having dreams about murdering people. It's funny. well not really, but there just dreams. but since this is normal and everyone is having weird dreams i guess im still sane lol congrats everyone
  • with my DD my dreams were so violent i thought i was having some kind of psychotic break down.  i was extremely violent and abusive towards men.  i never killed any of them in my dreams but had i did the same things in real life there definately would have been a lot of dead bodies around.  my testosterone levels were really high (practically grew a beard) with her also, so i associated the dreams with that.


  • I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one.  Right away after I found out I was pregnant, I was having dreams of being gang-raped and nasty things like that.  I've dreamed of something as simple as being stuck somewhere without a ride home that turned out to be a traumatic experience for some reason.  I also just started dreaming that the maternity ward of the hospital I'm planning on going to was like an institution.  So far, no dreams of hurting baby!
  • I've had multiple awful dreams of dead people in the streets and very detailed dreams of terrible things happening to people - some I know and others are more random or general. They've lessed as I near by 3rd trimester but for a while they were pretty terrifying. Now, I still have vivid dreams but less gruesome - though still weird.

    Early this morning I had a dream about running amock in some really awesome salad bar that had all my favorites in it  - I woke up feeling so up-beat and refreshed because that salad bar made be feel so happy in my dream. It's noon and I'm still giggling about it. So, look forward to those dreams later on and chalk up the terrible ones to crazy hormones paired with your natural anxiety & fears about pregnancy and raising a baby.

  • I don't really have any morbid dreams, but the dreams I do have are extremely real and I always remember them in the morning. Which is very odd for me. All of them are about the baby. One was when he was born, I was SUPER posessive. I wouldn't let anybody hold him! Another was about being in labor, and another recent one was trying to breastfeed and not being able to. They've all been related to the subjects I had been studying up on around then. Hah.


  • I am 8 weeks along and I have had a few really crazy dreams. The first that comes to mind is that I had the baby at the hospital and after the c section the dr. forgot to stitch my stomach back up and they sent me home without the baby (which had bright red hair)..also had a dream that I had murdered a man that was trying to break into the house and then was trying to hide the body in our basement..last night I had a dream about a doll that was really a ghost and I woke my husband up screaming in my sleep. Its kind of entertaining as long as I know that its just crazy dreams! lol
  • Yes I keep dreaming that I am in the house and it is being robbed. It has made me so paranoid that I am double checking all the locks, checking the security and driving the DH completely nuts!!! I am so tired of waking up at 3:00am thinking that a man is standing in my room. LOLConfused
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