Booby grabbin'

Does your little one do this? It is starting to get painful! And I'm not sure what to do to keep my 6m old from tearing off my skin!

Re: Booby grabbin'

  • DS likes to touch my chest all over and pull on my shirt when he is nursing. The last couple days he started punching my boob while he's nursing! I don't know why he is doing it, lack of what else to do with his hand I guess.. If I hold his arm down to get him to stop, he gets very upset... ugh.

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  • DS is doing the same thing! He grabs my nipple really hard sometimes or he will hit and if I hold his hand down is usually doesn't help. One thing I just noticed (he was swatting his hand around as I pulled up your post) was that he had finished one side for the most part but had not unlatched so I wonder if that hitting was a result of him being frustrated that the flow had all but stopped.
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  • Sounds like a good time to start teaching about soft touches.  When your child pinches, punches, grabs, etc, take their hand, look in their eyes and show then how to touch you softly (wherever they were touching you before).  This can be done without unlatching, just look into your nursing babies eyes and show them with their hand how to touch you softly. 

     If they are really hurting you and they don't pick up on soft touches pretty quickly, do the same thing you should do if they bite you, just unlatch them and put them down for at least 5 minutes.  If they are really hungry that 5-10 minute break in eating will get their attention, if they are just playing because they are done eating then they will scamper off to play and you both win.

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