3rd Trimester

When did you start to swell??

I have heard that one of the most inconvenient parts of being preggo is the water weight - swelling hands and feet...

I have not experienced any of this yet. Does it happen to everyone or could I be lucky enough not to get that? My hands and feet still look and feel the same as they always have. My shoes and wedding rings still fit...

Is there something wrong with me or should I count this as a blessing? Will it catch up?

Re: When did you start to swell??

  • I started swelling really early and had to take my rings off at 16 weeks. :( My little sister didn't start to swell to bad until about 30 weeks, but that is about the time she was diagnosed with pre-e. I think it is one of those things were everyone is different.
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  • I started noticing it around 30 weeks.

    Just like nearly every other pregnancy symptom, everyone is different.  Some people swell a little, some a lot & others not at all.

  • Some people swell a lot more than others. I have a little bit of swelling but not much. When I was pregnant with DD the closer I got to my due date the more swollen I would get. 
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  • Not everyone swells up, I am still wearing my rings and shoes.  I did swell up one day, but I think my blood pressure had risen that day (I suprisingly helped my SIL deliver her baby boy). You may or may not swell, but i've noticed a lot of people start complaining on here about it around week 31-35...
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  • at 34 weeks I gained 8 pounds in water weight.  I was swallon from 12 weeks on but now it is really bad and hurts.
  • 28 weeks...but its gotten much much worse as I've gotten further along (of course it also corresponds with the weather getting warmer which hasn't helped either!!)
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  • This week (34) my face looks and feels like I an hoarding a watermelon in my chin!!!

    AND my baby shower is Sunday, so I got cheese it up for pictures.

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  • I never really swelled with DS1, maybe a little in my fingers later in the pg - it was summer though too.  I'll tell you when I really swelled - after I delivered!  They pumped me full of so much fluid for the induction and epidural that my feet looked like little hams the next day - and my feet are normally so bony they're like skeleton feet!
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  • A couple days ago actually. I was at the computer and noticed my feet/ankles felt funny. I looked down and they were MASSIVE!
  • I don't remember exactly when I started swelling but it got really bad at about 30 weeks.  I haven't worn my rings in quite a while.  I am not at the point that I am being told I have stage IV pitting edema, that's FUN!!!  I love that my feet look like stress balls and hold impressions of everything and OH.MY.GOSH do they hurt.  I would count your blessings, sweet girl.  PRAY you don't swell.  Nobody told me that it was going to hurt. 

  • With DD it started at about 20 weeks, So far, no swelling to write home about with this pregnancy. I really depends on the pregnancy, I think even more than the individual person.
  • i thought I was in the clear, but swelling just started for me (not too bad...but I had to take off my rings)
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  • About 34 weeks. But I started drinking a ton of water and it really helped! 
  • My feet started to swell at 22 weeks.  My rings still fit, though I do take them off at night because of the overnight swelling. 

    Count it as a blessing.  It could catch up with you later though, or you could continue to be lucky.

  • Ha! Count your blessings! It may or may not catch up with you. I am 36 weeks tomorrow and just got some bad swelling last night. My right ankle is much bigger than my left, so I just left a message with the dr to see if it's something to worry about. I took my ring off last week, I could still get it on and off, but it was getting tighter and I didn't want to risk getting it stuck!  GL!!
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  • I first noticed the swelling last week when I went to remove my wedding band to do dishes and really struggled. I haven't returned it to my finger since. I'm not sure if it's due completely to water retention, though. I live in a tropical area where temperatures are pretty high this time of year.

  • 30 weeks for me. I thought I might be one of the lucky ones, but one day it just started happening. 
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  • Mine started at almost 29 weeks on the dot. I gaine 5 lbs. at the Dr. that week for NO reason. They said it was water gain but I have been puffy feet and handed since. Count it as a blessing but wait a cuple weeks. It's not that bad...you just have to rest more.

    In fact, around that time was when I also started to feel big body movement so you have that to look forward to.

  • i am 38 wks, 5 days, and have yet to swell....though i may have just jinxed myself ;).
  • I noticed swelling in my hands @ the end of 32 weeks; ,my feet don't seem to be swollen and my shoes still fit well
  • 29 weeks in my feet and ankles. I can't wear my rings anymore either.




  • I started swelling right away, before I even new I was pregnant.  But this was due to my arthritis... by the end of my 1st tri I could barely walk, especially on stairs.  When 2nd tri started I went to my rheumatologist and was able to get a cortisone shot in both my ankle and knee (after he took alomst a cup and a half of fluid out of my knee.)  My ankle needed another shot the next month.  

    Since then things were pretty quiet until I hit 38 weeks.  Since then both my feet have been swollen and if I don't keep up with drinking a lot of water it gets worse. 

  • I think it might be an individual thing too. I haven't had any swelling yet and I've just reached 37 weeks. We've moved into really warm weather here over the last couple of weeks, so I fully expected to experience swelling but so far so good.

    I've either been lucky, or the things I do in my daily life have helped (only moderate salt consumption, exercise five days a week still, drink LOTS of water). Then again I have friends that did these things too and had swelling, so who knows!

  • I started in my 3rd month. Around my 10th week or so. Maybe sooner. My engagement ring doesn't fit Sad
    Love everyone.
  • With my first child, I didn't start swelling until about the middle of my 8th month, and then only if I stayed on my feet too long. With this pregnancy, I just started swelling yesterday, and I am at 27 weeks.
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