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spin off on the "push present" post

You know. Thinking about that made me so annoyed.  I have been annoyed a lot lately with my husband whom I left two months ago (almost 3).  After all these months of pretty much leaving me on my own with this pregnancy...not participating in any of it and causing me so much crap...he asked me a few weeks back if it was appropriate to give me a gift for birthing his baby.

I was flattered that he even considered it and said that some couples do that sort of thing. Usually its something meaningful to commemorate the special event in their lives.

He said, oh,. because I was considering getting you that camping chair converter thing that goes on your thermarest (camping sleep pad) so you can sit up on the ground outside. (we have never been camping together).


Is it me...or is this guy on another planet?

Re: spin off on the "push present" post

  • LMAO! Some guys just don't get it. Thats like your husband buying you a vaccuum for your birthday. Unless you asked for it, it isn't an appropraite gift. LOL




  • ? Well your post definitely made me chuckle...i think he may be from another planet. Hmm Smile
  • Seriously...I mean, any gift from anyone at any time is still a gift and gratitude is certainly my first response....but man...I think of what women would usually get...a mothers ring...or necklace or even a camcorder to use with the new baby. something that she could either cherish or USE.  He had this great idea. we were going to go to REI that afternoon and pick this thing out.

    I was like...hon...I really dont need one.  We dont camp....Yeah I mentioned one might be nice once 3 years ago....when I was sitting on the ground...but. I can think of about 150,000 things we need more right now if you want to choose a practical rather than sentimental gift! how can someone so intelligent be so....off in another world!?

  • ROTFL... This reminded me of my DH. He buys me the weirdest gifts and we've been together for a total of 12 years. He always has this long explanation of why he got it for me so I know he's being thoughtful... but I always have to raise an eyebrow.

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