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Sippy Cup questions

First...what is the difference between a sippy cup and a trainer cup?  I have seen both for one company and they seem a little different.  The trainer cup has more of a soft tip and allows for 7 or 8 oz of fluid when the sippy has the hard tip for less fluid.  Also, for most it says to introduce the sippy before the trainer....I dont get this at all.

Second, my daughter gets how to use the sippy cup, but she doesnt like the taste of the water.  Once she tastes it she stops using the sippy cup.  any suggestions?

Re: Sippy Cup questions

  • My suggesting would be to put a few drops of apple juice or something in it to flavor it just enough.  My  year old son still to this day get at least 3/4 water and 1/4 juice when he gets juice. My 6 month old son gets it a little more watered down, but he needs it to help with constipation.  Good luck. 
  • I forgot to answer your first question.  I am not exactly sure what the difference is.  I would just start with a cup with a soft tip and then move to one with a little stiffer one.  I would also start with a small one if I could so they could hold it easier and not have to tip it as far to get the liquid out.
  • I'm not sure of the difference either but I'm not sure it really matters.  I have bought 4 or 5 different sippys (some with straws, some traditional) for LO to practice with...and it makes things interesting for her when she sees a "new" cup, or at least one that is different from the day before!  So far, she has mastered all of them but still much prefers the bottle.  I think she may have had a similar reaction to water at first but now she really likes the water--even just plain water without the juice added.  I think maybe they get a little freaked out when they taste water for the first time...but I would keep trying; eventually she'll get used to it.  Do you use tap water or do you have a purifying system?  Our tap water tastes gross so we have the Brita pitcher and we give her water from that.  Not sure if that could be an issue...? 
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  • We just started really pushing the sippy cup thing. D would drink water from an actual cup or from the end of a straw (dropper style) but had no interest other then chewing on the hard plastic tipped sippies even if we took the leak stoppers out.  Not sure why anything would suggest introducing the sippy BEFORE the training, I agree that sounds weird, the Nuby brand trainer we just bought said to start with the trainer then move up from there.  I dont know why I didnt consider buying silicone tipped sippies before (probably b/c I didnt buy the ones we already had), but once we did that D took to it just fine.  Our trainer is soft like is bottle nipple but he still has to work a little to get anything out, in fact we put formula in it all day yesterday and today...only had bottles when he first woke up and before bed.  But as I type this he is drinking water willingly out of the normal silicone tipped sippy all by himself.
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