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40 teenage drivers dead in 5 years in 1 county, wth

Every few months there is a story on the news of teenage drivers in a neighboring county dying in a car accident, there have been 40 high school aged drivers/passengers killed over 5 years in 1 county.  That number does not include kids who were in car accidents that were hurt but survived.  This county is very similar to where I grew which has a ton of country roads the only difference of then compared to now is we didn't have cell phones to disctract us.  I can't figure out why the kids in this county are not more worried and careful when it comes to driving.  1 boy died yesterday in an accident and 3 different cars with highschoolers driving today got into an accident at the school today that the boy attended, all were ok thank goodness.  Anyone else noticing a lot of teenage drivers dying in state? 

Re: 40 teenage drivers dead in 5 years in 1 county, wth

  • That's really sad.

    A few girls in my H.S. died in a rural car accident and it was devastating for all the students. I can't imagine how the kids in that county are taking it, and why it isn't encouraging other kids to drive more safely.


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  • Last weekend, in our metro area suburbs, we had at least 14 people die in 3-4 crashes.  7 people in 1 crash alone...completely horrific and the bulk of those who died were teenagers.
  • Teenagers have such an "it won't happen to me" attitude its rediculous.  They think they are invinacble. Just the other day, one of my students was telling me he had gotten into an accident over the weekend.

    He was like "jeez my first accident and I was kinda drunk" I was like 'Oh nice! Drinking and driving. Thats a great combination! Not to mention UNDERAGE drinking. I sincerely hope you learned your lesson and will never be that dumb and wreckless again!" His response 'Nah, I didn't learn my lesson, I won't lie, I'll probably do the same thing this weekend just hopefully not have an accident." The kicker??? The kids dad is cheif of police in our county, thus he NEVER gets in trouble and gets away with murder. Pisses me off to no end!!!

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