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Car=crying 90% of the time

So Aidan dislikes his car seat, I can't figure out what it is, position? Straps? One of us has to sit in the back with him incase he has a freak out, it can be pretty bad at times.  I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and how they remedied it.  I don't want to believe that we have to buy another brand after shelling out $250 for "top of the line" any suggestions??? 

Re: Car=crying 90% of the time

  • Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat ... I don't think that there's really anything that you can do about it ... in dd's case, she HATES the restriction (that's why we can't swaddle despite countless revisits w/swaddling) ... its clearly what the issue is when I strap her in ... she starts quickly wiggling side to side, grunting frantically, and starts to fuss and then cry. Once I get her in the car and we get moving, she simmers down but I find that frequently, whether she's asleep or not, at stoplights, stop signs, Starbucks drive through lines, etc., she starts to fuss and cry as long as we aren't moving. I can't make the straps looser than they already are  ... don't want to compromise her safety so ... with every car ride, there's a certain episode of "going off."
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    DD HATES the car too.  I think it's moreso the fact that she feels scared and alone rather than hating the carseat.  I put a mirror on the headrest in front of her carseat and it helps a little bit.
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  • A can get hysterical at times, screaming, crying, turning red same thing with stops and red lights he cries, but kinda calm while moving....can't wait until we get over this phase!
  • I've had days when I'm cutting through parking lots to avoid red lights because DS gets fussy when we have to come to a stop.  When we go out to dinner with him now we have to hold him because he'll have a melt down in the car seat.
  • Its really common and sadly they just outgrow it with time.

    I can remember all 3 of my one sisters kids screaming in the car till about 5 months or so. DS does it too not always but a good chunk of the time he does.

  • Yeah my baby hates the carseat too.  He doesn't mind being swaddled, but hates the carseat.  I think it's just the position of sitting sort of slouched. 

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  • How funny!!! I keep being told that all babies LOVE the car....not mine!!! I couldn't even take him for walks during my maternity leave because he would do the same thing....oh well, two months down, three to go I suppose
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    How funny!!! I keep being told that all babies LOVE the car....not mine!!! 

    This was me with DS.  He HATED the car.  I didn't go anywhere by myself unless I had to and I would sit in the back to try to entertain him when DH drove.

    He was about 80% better when we turned him to face forward.  To be honest, he didn't really get over the carseat aversion until he was a toddler and could get interested in things around us going by.  

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  • my son was the same way. I've used white noise with some success  ( i just turn up a static radio channel) and I bought cushions for either side of his head that attach to the straps. I loosen the straps and put him in and only tighten it at the last second. I also learned not to put him in the car if his sleepy but not asleep. but primarily it was just that once his vision improved a bit he could look around and be distracted. two days ago was the 1st time he rode in the seat awake the whole time and didn't make a peep ( 30 min ride).

    good luck! (1ht) 

  • My DS also hates the carseat.  I no longer will going anyplace unless someone is with me and I could sit in the back with him.  Hopefully this will passs soon.
  • maybe adjusting the seat angle might help?  more inclined maybe.....i have heard of ppl buying different styles and the baby getting happy with rides.  maybe you could claim a defect and return it for another one?
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