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Wii Fit Plus? Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has one and has seen results. TIA!

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Re: Wii Fit Plus? Anyone?

  • nOPE.  The EA Sports Active is decent to workout to but the Wii fit Plus is more like games rather than workouts.  A study was done showing that most of the exercises on the Wii Fit (example jogging in place) compared to actually jogging are at about 1/2 the calories burned compared to doing the real exercise.  I like the wii fit because of some of the games but don't expect a ton of results imo
  • I have the Wii Fit plus and actually enjoy it..I like that you can customize a workout and although I don't use it on an everyday basis I do use it in combination with my reg workout routine and I have seen results.
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  • I loved it for yoga. My H broke our wii so I haven't used it lately. It was nice for yoga and for strength training, but if you're looking for cardio, you're probably better off to just go for a run.
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