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Taking DD out past bedtime?

I have a friend that's having a 'family' dinner that we regularly attend...but  this time, I'm a little nervous b/c we put DD down for bed around 7pm.  We don't usually go to this friend's house until about 6:45pm.  Do you think this is massively going to screw up DD's bedtime?   I'm not sure what to do.  I really want to go to the dinner, but I don't know if DD will still fall asleep while we're there. 


Re: Taking DD out past bedtime?

  • Go and bring the pnp for her to sleep in, if it doesn't work you go home early. GL

  • We definitely don't do it every day, but we do sometimes.'

    For us, it didn't mess up her sleep. When she went to bed around 9 pm one night, she still slept her normal 13 hours (till 10 am the next day).

    But you never know. Personally, I'd try to work her naps so that she'll wake up right before you leave, so she'll be as content as possible, and go to bed a couple hours later.

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    Go and bring the pnp for her to sleep in, if it doesn't work you go home early. GL

    this. Normally if we are out past ds bedtime he falls right back to sleep when we get home! GL!

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  • Can u get a sitter? I know my dd will not sleep somewhere else and would be really cranky.
  • My girls do fine with evenings out.  Usually I'll let them take a late nap or hope they fall asleep on the car ride wherever we're going and let them get a decent nap before we get there (I'll even build in extra time to let them sleep a bit).  I would go and if LO really doesn't do well then go home.
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  • We do dinner at our friends' house every other week, and we usually don't leave until 10 - DS's bed time is usually 8.  He does just fine, goes straight to bed when we get home without a problem.  He's super easy-going, though, I don't know if your DD is the same way.  I would go, take a PNP with you in case she needs to be put down for the night, and be prepared to leave if necessary.
  • The other thing we have done, if no PnP (or a baby that wont sleep in one away from Grandma's like mine), is just put baby down in their carrier.  D will easily fall asleep loosely buckled into his carseat -lovey, blankie, and binkie and he falls asleep with no problem in our friends' guest room.
  • Unless DD is a horrible sleeper I'd def go! Bring a PNP or put DD down for a later nap than usual. Have fun!
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  • For us, sometimes it screws up his sleep schedule, sometimes it doesn't.
  • Thanks ladies!  As always, you've been a great help!  We're going to go and I'm going to take the pnp and hope she does ok with that :)


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