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Newbie question???

HI Girls,

I'm new here and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 5 weeks and 5 days and noticed some spotting on the toilet paper Friday night, which then turned into a nasty brownish tinge on Saturday morning..again just on the TP. It then went away for the rest of the weekend. I called my doctor just in case and went in today for a beta level (11,000). But I just noticed more faint pink spotting now. I've been cramping on and off all along....

Am I being over sensitive/should I keep calling the doctor? My first appt isn't scheduled for another 2 and a half weeks...this waiting game is horrible!!!


Re: Newbie question???

  • Everyone is different, but I think if you're bleeding, you should call your doctor. 
  • I would call the doctor. Hope everything is okay. Keep us posted.
  • Spotting can be totally normal for some, but for me it meant a M/C.  You should do what makes you comfortable.  Keep bugging your doctor if it doesn't stop.  Have them do another beta 48 hours from your last one.  Unfortunately, you are too early to really see much on an U/S or to do anything about it.  The best thing you can do is just take it easy, stay off of your feet and drink lots of water till it stops.  Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok.
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  • i had some spotting that i assumed was implantation bleeding and when i  called to set up intake app. the nurse told me that if it made me feel uncomfortable to not feel bad about going to the ER
  • Bug the hell out of your doctor, and force them to make you an appointment ASAP....it can be nothing or it can be everything, you won't know unless your doc checks you.  And if you don't like your docs opinion, get a second opinion just in case.
  • It's pretty common to spot in 1st tri. If you just went in today for betas and everything was good, then they're not going to do anything for you. I'd only call again if the bleeding gets worse, or if you get cramps with it. Also if you're bleeding it might not be a good idea to have sex until your appointment.
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  • It sounds like the bleeding has changed so I would advise that you call your doctor.  That's what he/she is there for.  GL!
  • Same here... can be normal but for me it was an m/c.  Stay off your feet and get the second beta, that will help to put your mind at ease hopefully!
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