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crazy dreams

i had this wikid crazy dream last night that i found some money in a jacket of mine. a few hours ago i went to "find" the money when it wasn't there i had to think real hard and figured out it was just a dream so weird so vivid. has anyone else experienced crazy dreams and would you like to share?

Re: crazy dreams

  • I had a dream last night that my FIL died very suddenly and no one told us. BIL's gf (who isn't really part of the family, she's just okay) was the one who called and told DH about the funeral in a few days. When we got up there, I reamed BIL out for having gf call DH with this kind of news.

    I dunno...but it really, really upset me. 

  • wow im glad i didn't have that dream i wouldn't have been able to stop crying. everything makes me cry these days
  • I've been having the weirdest dreams ever.  A couple nights ago I dreamed I was in the shower with Joe Mauer(Twins Player) and my mom walked in - so weird and it was so real. 
  • I had such a bad nightmare last night. Someone was trying to break in our house to get me. It was sooo real and scary. Im not usually one for dreams, nevermind scary ones. I had to wake up my DH to walk me to the washroom because I was soo afraid. haha..seems silly now! but I hope it doesnt happen again tonight!

    Gotta love pregnancy hormones!

  • I've had tons of crazy dreams. Since I have to get up and pee at least two times a night, I have another dream every time I fall back asleep. I remember them when I first wake up, but then forget. Last night I was having some naughty dreams, though. It was nice!
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