3rd Trimester

Going Crazy!

I'm 38 weeks and 5 days and I'm going crazy playing the waiting game, every slight cramp, ache, gush (a little too graphic?) and I think...okay its time only its nothing.  I've scrapbooked, gardened, cleaned everything I can reach, cooked, gone over and over my budget...all I can think while I'm doing all of that is WHEN IS SHE COMING!  I'm actually scheduled to be induced on the 2nd but it seems like forever away and I would actually prefer to go into labor naturally.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

Re: Going Crazy!

  • Im starting to get impatient, and its way too early for that for me! Im trying to embrace the time with only one child and the extra help DH is giving me around the house. Tonight Ive been reading Shape and Parents magazine and watching The Hills marathon. DH is hanging out with some friends, DD is in bed and Im just enjoying the quiet. Im also working on ideas of revamping DDs menu!
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