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IUD users a ?

Ok so I had the IUD placed on April 2nd. I had my first AF on Mar 28th and ended on April 1st.. Since then I started my second AF on April 10th (which is when my normal cycle started before pregnancy) but since then it has not stopped yet!!! It has been a slight flow since the 10th and its not heavy but does it ever end!!!! My question is did any others out there have this problem with the IUD?

TIA ladies!!!

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Re: IUD users a ?

  • My AF was pretty random at first. I got mine placed 6 wks post partum and it is just now getting regular.
  • k..thanks..At least I'm not alone in this!!!Wink
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  • I'm on day 13 of bleeding... 

    I got mine placed April 2nd, I hadn't had a period yet when it was placed.  I started bleeding on the 12th, it's light but more than just spotting, it's red flow and requires a tampon.  It sucks big-time.  I go back next Friday for a follow-up appointment and I'm going to ask if there's anything they can give me to stop the bleeding.  I'm really worried that this is still going to be going on when we go on vacation :( 



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  • I bled for a little over a week after I had my iud placed. I bled immediately after and it was heavy for about 5 or 6 days then lightened for a few days. Not really sure if it was time for AF or if it was iud related. HTH!
  • I had a PP period at about 5 wks and then had the IUD placed at about 8 wks. I had light spotting for at least a couple of weeks, which was annoying, but not heavy bleeding. I've definitely heard of this happening, though. So sorry- I hope it stops soon for you! I haven't had another period, so I'm thinking (and crossing fingers) that I'm one of the ones who doesn't really get a period w/ the IUD. I have the Mirena.
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