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10 mo old- does your kid eat meat?

dd is 10 months old.  according to the feeding schedule our pedi recommends she should have meats in her diet now.  dd is EBM but also eats solids.  as far as "meats" goes- she eats chicken and turkey, but it seems so weird to me that she would need red meat or even pork?  i know it's a high source of iron, but she's had her iron tested and its fine.  it just seems strange to me to give a baby meat when you consider some people advocate BM only for the first year.  thoughts?  also if you make your own baby food, what kind of meat do you use?  ive read conflicting things about what types are best.  tia!

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Re: 10 mo old- does your kid eat meat?

  • N is not quite 10 months, but she's been eating meat for about three months.  As far as making food, she just eats what we eat.  We happen to eat a lot of chicken, some beef, and some pork, so she's had all that.

    If her iron is fine and you don't want to give her red meat or pork, then I'm sure it's fine if you don't!  Do what you feel comfortable with, because you're right, BM/formula is most important the first year.

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  • As with PP, my LO eats whatever we eat...sometimes just as left overs.  mostly chicken, but now that its warmer we are grilling more so that means steak, kabasa, and hotdogs.  He eats right off my plate, and then I either cut up the leftovers and put it in containers, or as with the steak I throw it in the food processor and freeze it in cubes.
  • Yep, Natalie eats meat (and egg yolks).   It's important for iron (so my pedi. told me and from the little pamphlet he gave me).   There are veggie sources of iron too (think spinach!), but there do not absorb into the body as well as meat, especially red meats.   
  • At 10 months we were introducing meats but he did not always eat them. Now he eats pretty much any meat as long as he can chew it, however Ds has had a ton of teeth for a while now. We have been at 16 teeth for a few months.

    He is also taking a liquid vit with iron because although he is eating meat he is still not eating enough and cows milk does not have as much iron in it as formula/breast milk does.  

  • We started meat at 9 months per pedi's recommendation.  At first we fed him the Gerber pureed meat stuff, like chicken with rice and veggies or lasagna with meat sauce, but now he just eats little pieces of whatever we're eating (unless it's steak, because he can't chew that without any molars).  We give him little pieces of chicken, turkey (he loves lunch meat), pork, or even meat loaf.  He loves it!
  • We started meat at 7 months.  She's had turkey, chicken, roast beef, salmon and tuna (if you're counting fish).  I'll hold off on pork for a while...for no other reason than I don't consider it high on the nutrition list as far as meats go.
  • Ds is only 9 months, but yes he eats meat.  He is still taking purees but also eats a lot of finger foods, so I basically give him small bites of whatever we're eating.  He's had lots of chicken, but also ham, ground meat from hamburgers and meatballs, and fish (not shellfish).  He loves him some meatballs.  We had steak last night and I considered giving him a bite, but it was tough and I was worried he wouldn't be able to gum it.
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  • We ebf and at the 6mo app my dr said it was crucial that ds have iron in his diet. He suggested meat but said it didnt have to be. So far we do tiny cubes of firm Tofu with every lunch and dinner-  he loves to try to pick them up. We will also be offering legumes and other sources of iron. Im not a vegetarian nor do I want ds to be BUT I have a problem giving him meat. I just feel like blended meat is nasty and we tried chicken once and he choked soooo badly. Its too firm and chewy.

  • DD loves meat. I either give it to her as small, smooshable bits or big hunks that she sucks on.  She gets really mad that she can't actually EAT steak, but she loves sucking the juices out.  We BLW and she doesn't have any teeth yet.
  • Sam is starting to eat more meats, like ground beef, ground pork, egg yolk, and tiny chunks of chicken or pork. I haven't tried sausage but I have given him low sodium bacon. He's also done fine with *gasp* peanut butter. He doesn't like turkey. Iron is fortified in cereals and formula, so not quite as necessary to give lots of meat for iron's sake, but more for protein. As I understand it, there's not much protein in baby mixed food jars. Sam still gets breastmilk and formula, eating meats with his lunch & dinner don't change/affect that.



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  • Yes.  Doctor gave the okay for meats at 7 months.  At his 9 month appointment we were given the go-ahead for everything but peanuts, shellfish, and honey.

    It's not just about what they need (which just because her levels were okay once doesn't mean she couldn't use the extra iron), but introducing new foods to them. 

    I don't puree it.  He eats it as a finger food, and I shred it up.

  • DD eats shredded chicken and ground beef... I'm going to start giving her more meat though (by giving her whatever we're eating). We don't eat much meat besides chicken, turkey, and beef, so I doubt she'll get anything else for awhile.
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  • At least once a day, but I also feel weird about giving beef, so he hasn't eaten any yet.
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